Augmented Reality 3D model Demonstration

How to view these models?

  1. You must have Apple device running iOS 12 or above - iPhone 7 and above works best,

  2. Using “Safari” on your Apple device, browse to this page,

  3. Click on the thumbnail of any of the models below to preview the 3D model - please wait after clicking as some 3D model files can take some time to download,

  4. Now you can click on the “AR” tab to place the 3D model virtually around you.


  • You can use common gesture to move the 3D model around,

  • ‘Tap and drag’ the model to move it’s position in the virtual environment,

  • ‘Two finger pinch’ will enable you to adjust the scale of the model,

  • ‘Two finger rotate’ will allow you to spin the model around,

  • If you cannot place the model in the surface you want, try moving you camera further away,

  • Turn on the lights, the brighter your environment is the easier it is to accurately place the 3D model.

BMW Lenticular Wall

Sephora Wall 2019

Department of Premier & Cabinet Arch