5 Creative Uses Of Fabric Printing In Sydney’s Fashion And Retail Industries

Pranil Chandra November 9, 2021

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5 Creative Fabric Printing Uses In Sydney’s Fashion & Retail Industries

As design in Sydney’s fashion and retail industries progress, so do methods of enticing new customers to interact with your brand. To create a memorable consumer journey, modern retail spaces must be visual, immersive, and appealing.

Fabric displays are on the rise and continue to trend worldwide. In order to offer our clients innovative, eco-friendly solutions, we have since invested in hardware that allows our clients working in fashion and retail displays to become more fabric-friendly. With the HP Stitch S1000 Printer, we’ve successfully upgraded our fabric-printing capabilities.

Built to print on a wide range of materials and with exceptionally sharp results, the HP Stitch allows store owners to produce out-of-the-box wall wraps, window tarps, soft signage, and more. It will deliver both faster fabric-printing times and more vibrant, impactful pieces.

Keen to catch up with the fabric printing trend? Here are five creative uses of it you can apply within Sydney’s fashion and retail industries.

SABA window display including black clothing.

1. Point of Sale Displays

Every shopper will end up at a checkout counter, which makes it the perfect setting for reinforcing your brand and positioning for an upsell. Whether a counter display or free-standing floor display, incorporating bold and appropriate imagery and lettering can pull customers to make additional purchases.

Intriguing displays and installations positioned around your store can direct visitors to consider items you want to feature or encourage more thorough browsing. An additional benefit to a fabric point of sale display is that it can compensate for products with less-than-stellar packaging.

Place your fabric prints behind or above a product or integrate them into signages that draw attention to your goods and promotions. Ensure that you put up your display strategically, where it isn’t disruptive to your in-store ergonomics, but prominent enough to gain notice.

Point of sale displays constantly change depending on what products are most in-demand. Because of how easy fabrics are to work with, they can be swapped out whenever you feature new products and services.

2. Exhibits

Whether you need a pop-up bar or launch booth, striking large-format fabric prints can greatly improve your ROI. The more engaging your display, the greater your chances of boosting sales via return customers.

Fabrics are a versatile material and the options are plentiful. You can leave a lasting impact by building displays with which customers can interact. Make displays unique and exclusive to your business. Allow them to communicate your capabilities to onlookers.

Not to mention, because of lighter volume and weight, fabric displays are far easier to assemble and aren’t too susceptible to damage during installation or removal. Plus, you save on additional costs such as transport and manpower. Even in large-scale, fabric displays are far more space-saving and allow designers more freedom to play with architecture.

Paired with panels, fabrics can also enhance your exhibit through lighting effects. Simply backlighting a piece is a standout feature all on its own.

Lady Gaga purfume stand display.

3. In-Store Designs

Where a picture can paint a thousand words, an even larger one can say a thousand more. Remember, while your shop window can draw people in, your shop interior makes all the difference. As experts in large-format printing, we understand the impression an in-store backsplash can make.

Printing wall murals on fabrics make all the difference because they can stay up for as long (or as short) as you like. You can switch them out to match your store’s current collection or season, and use images that represent each new lineup of products and services.

Beyond creating a more conducive space, a well-crafted in-store layout can influence the way you communicate with buyers.

4. Out of Home Advertising

Outdoor advertising doesn’t always imply billboards. In fact, fabrics used in outdoor displays are more often than not wrapped, folded, or draped across a structure.

These are opportunities to tell potential customers what your brand is all about before paying a visit to your store. You’ll want to create something that helps you stand out—that being said, out of home advertising materials are short-term.

SABA in-store counter with model printed on a poster.

5. Positioning for Sustainability

Nowadays, consumers are looking out for a retailer’s commitment to business sustainability and whether they’re using natural, sustainable, or recycled fabrics. We’re well-equipped to provide environmentally responsible printing solutions, thanks to printers that maximise yield and minimise waste by getting your orders right on the first go.

Because of its commitment to sustaining a carbon-neutral business model, HP makes for no less than a perfect partner.


The growth and competition featured in Sydney’s fashion and retail industries have pushed brands to dream up new ideas for their marketing. We at Next Printing are more than happy to take these concepts and realise them with the help of the latest in sustainable fabric printing technology.

You can learn more about sustainable fabric printing here, or discover the unlimited possibilities of another of our flagship solutions, Re-Board®, at our product page.

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