How Australian Businesses Can Benefit From Re-Board®

Pranil Chandra November 10, 2021

How Australian Businesses Can Benefit From Re-Board®

Exhibition displays are one of the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of your brand’s potential customers. Whether it’s a pop-up stall, a demo room, or a booth at an event, the strategy of, “go big or go home,” is a guaranteed head-turner.

However, with the environmental concerns that we face potentially conflicting with your business’s creative marketing needs, it pays to know more about sustainability in marketing.

Re-Board® printing in Australia can step in and help solve those matters, and proves that caring for the environment doesn’t have to come at the expense of excellent design in marketing.

With the versatile and innovative technology behind Re-Board®, you can minimize or even eliminate the negative impact your business has on the environment, all while encouraging creativity from your in-house designers.

What is Re-Board®?

Re-Board® is a strong and durable paperboard material designed with exhibits and displays in mind. It’s made out of rigid paper engineered to be sturdy yet lightweight, and it maintains its strength even when cut into smaller parts or folded into shapes.

It’s manufactured with white surfaces that are printer-ready, allowing for vibrant designs and colours to fit even the most inventive of purposes. Likewise, it’s durable enough to be used multiple times over and easy to transport and store in-between uses. We’ve produced many innovative products using Re-Board® like furniture, exhibition stands and retail point of sales.

Best of all, it’s produced at an FSC certified wood mill and made of 100% recyclable material that can easily be recycled into paper after it’s outlived its usefulness.

Body wash lined up on a display made from Re-Board.

Applications of Re-Board®

Re-Board® is a great fit for Australian artists and marketers of all types, and its possible applications are virtually limitless. The material’s engineered fluted core is constructed in such a way that allows it to be cut into smaller pieces and shapes while still bearing a surprising amount of weight and keeping its shape.

Its versatility allows your in-house design teams to explore bold new directions for reaching your potential customers, and the designs you can create using the material are practically limitless thanks to its combined durability and lightness.

As a testament to how reliable Re-Board® can be, we’ve seen plenty of clients use the material in unique and innovative ways. You have some who’ve built booths and structures out of it, and others who use them as projector displays or canvases for various kinds of artwork.

At least a handful have even used the material to create custom furniture items made exclusively from the board. People have stood and sat on display features made out of Re-Board®, leaving no damage or warping behind – even our boardroom table is made of Re-Board®.

While other, comparable materials can offer similar degrees of customisation, Re-Board® takes the cake for managing to be a dependable option while satisfying ecological concerns.


Re-Board® is Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly materials are more than just a fad. They’re a major decision point for an increasing number of consumers around the world—with Australia being no exception. As such, it’s critical that brands have sustainable options to turn to when doing business.

Plant-safe materials are good for earnings, as well as a good investment in making sure that our children have somewhere (anywhere) to spend those earnings.

Fortunately, the brains behind Re-Board® have always displayed a firm commitment to sustainability. Their supply chain is marked by carbon-neutral and carbon-positive links, and the end product was built with the dream of a circular economy in mind.

Its 100% recyclable material relies on highly soluble, water-based adhesives that make the board easily convertible into paper. Our clients use the board several times over a long period of time and enjoy full convenience when disposing of them in a waste-free manner.

Next Printing goes a step further by choosing durst to make the most out of Re-Board®. Their hardware ensures vibrant colours and sharp designs without forcing any sacrifices in the way of waste or pollution.


You would be hard-pressed to find a paperboard that can match the quality and minimal ecological impact of Re-Board®. We at Next Printing pull no punches when it comes to giving our customers the quality that they need, and Re-Board® allows us to do that while also paying our dues to Mother Nature.

We can’t recommend the material enough. In fact, we’ve even gone so far as to assemble a team to help our clients use the stuff to their best advantage Contact one of our Re-Board® print experts today and learn the extent of what can be achieved in your Next campaign.

Otherwise, if you’re a fan of self-study, you can download our portfolio over at our product page.

However, you choose to go about utilising it, Re-Board® printing is here and ready to help Aussie businesses build their brand reputation.

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