The Features Of An Eco-Friendly Exhibition Display

Pranil Chandra November 18, 2021

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The Features Of An Eco-Friendly Exhibition Display

In the world of fashion and retail marketing, exhibition displays matter a lot. Beautiful, creative displays can catch the attention of even the most cynical shopper, inviting them to learn more about what you have to offer; poor displays, on the other hand, can hurt your brand no matter how good your products are.

As an environmentally conscious business, however, you know that exhibition displays create trash—after all, most traditional materials are seldom reused. You’ll want exhibition materials that are not only versatile and well-designed, but also reusable and environmentally-friendly.

Furthermore, there has never been a better time for brands to care about the environment. Today’s consumers are getting serious about going green, and it shows with what brands and products they choose to spend on.

As it is, most display materials are terrible for the planet. They’re seldom recyclable and are often made of carbon guzzling materials. Furthermore, most of them end up in the garbage after a few uses.

In this article, we discuss what goes into eco-friendly exhibition display material. In a nutshell: materials that are durable, adaptable, and reusable. Of course, they have to look good too.

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1. Eco-friendly exhibition displays are made of quality materials.

Quality in this context means two things: well-sourced, and well-made.

When it comes to sourcing, the first thing to look for in exhibition display material is whether it or its component parts are made of recycled material. If yes, then you’ve already taken the first step towards caring for the environment: you’ve chosen to break the waste cycle brought about by manufacturing and overconsumption.

As a bonus, you’ll be pleased to know that recycling creates more jobs in Australia. When you recycle or choose to work with recycled materials, it helps the environment and stimulates the economy as well.

Eco-friendly doesn’t mean low-quality. Well-made eco-friendly materials aren’t that hard to come by these days. Just know that quality exhibition display material might cost you a little more upfront, but the flexibility to repurpose and reuse your material will save you money in the long run.

For best results, look for material that’s at least sturdy enough to hold its shape and carry its own weight (without straining). The better your material, the more mileage you’ll get out of it.

Using high-quality eco-friendly materials for your displays allows you to create eye-catching and engaging exhibits while showing that you care for the planet.

2. Exhibition displays that are kind to our planet are printed sustainably.

Most people are unaware that printers (especially those that use plastic materials and inks with high solvent content) can produce emissions and waste products that lead to broader ecological decay. Any conscientious marketer would have to be aware of how your display materials were made and have to make sure that minimal plastic was used. Or better yet, that no plastic materials were used at all.

Look into what kind of inks and toners your printing partners use as well. Inks that are free from components that harm the environment should be prioritised. Modern printing input are water-based, designed to be easy to recycle, and made to degrade easily during the recycling process.

Sustainable printing is gaining more ground nowadays, so it should be easy enough to look for manufacturers who have printing partners that are committed to the environment. For example, we choose to work with HP printers and are big fans of their Planet Partner Program committed especially to recycling and reducing waste.

This feature of eco-friendly exhibition displays is less visible to customers, but you shouldn’t ignore it just because it’s hard to trace a printed material’s history at a glance.

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3. Planet-friendly exhibition displays are just as good for design.

Doing your part to preserve the environment shouldn’t come at the cost of your business’ goals. You have audiences to impress and designers with the talent to make that happen, so it’s natural to wonder at this point if sustainable exhibition displays can get you the results you’re after.

Rest assured, they are.

A stellar example of a display material that ticks all our boxes would be Re-Board®: a sturdy but flexible material developed in Sweden. It’s composed of recycled materials, highly re-usable, and can take just about any form your designers can dream up.

Additionally, Re-Board® is printer-friendly and can be decorated with high resolution and vibrant colours. Our printers, on the other hand, make it easy to achieve the looks that our clients are after while using inks and toners that are safe for the environment.


Eco-friendly exhibition displays shouldn’t sacrifice quality for sustainability. On the contrary, you can have stunning, vibrant, and eye-catching displays all using recycled materials and printing processes that create minimal harm to the environment.

Connect with us to learn more about how to create impressive designs for your displays using materials like Re-Board®, that are built to balance your design needs with the planet’s needs. You can download our portfolio to see all the cool things we’ve done with the material, or speak directly with one of our in-house experts to generate ideas for your own exhibitions.

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