THE ICONIC Beauty Launch | Case Study

See how we leveraged Reboard for THE ICONIC’s Beauty Launch, allowing for a reduced lead time and speedy production compared to traditional methods using cabinet builders working with MDF etc.

Pranil Chandra July 5, 2022

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THE ICONIC Beauty Launch | Case Study

The Brief

Team Event were engaged to help launch an exciting new division of THE ICONIC’s online platform. They approached Next Printing to execute their well-thought-out designs that can most importantly meet Team Event & THE ICONIC’s environmental credentials by using the recyclable nature of the Reboard product.

 A Pilates studio was used to create a number of interactive and unique experiences for influencers. To fill the space a mix of pop-up stations, a photo moment, a virtual try-on lipstick booth, and a freestanding wall with shelving were required to showcase products in an inviting display of curves, colour & neon lighting.

The Solution

Next Printing worked closely with the Team Event design team to create a multitude of display solutions that could fit within their budget and short lead time frame. We naturally recommended Reboard as it allows for reduced lead times and speedy production & manufacturing compared to traditional methods using cabinet builders working with MDF etc. These then require painting & printed decals applied to them. Reboard reduces lead times from several weeks to days, a major cost & time-saving advantage, both crucial in the always fast-moving events space.

The Execution

Working collaboratory with our client & the Next printing team of industrial designers, print & finishing team, and installers we were able to successfully meet & exceed our client’s expectations, With the event guests feeling like ‘a kid in a candy store’ completing the successful launch of the leading fashion and lifestyle platform’s first-ever beauty campaign. We were then able to quickly bump out the event within 2 hrs (due to the time-saving benefits of Reboard). 99% of the materials used were able to be either reused or disposed of via our paper board recycling partners reducing the carbon footprint for this event.

Large green photobooth made from Re-Board.
LIP green virtual try on installation.
Large green photobooth made from Re-Board.
Multicoloured blocks with products in them.
Multicoloured blocks displaying products.
Large multicoloured blocks with products inside them.
Multicoloured cubical block display with products inside.
Products displayed on a Re-Board stand.
The Skin Lab display with products lined on the shelf.
Green display installation made form Re-Board.
Large green photobooth made from Re-Board.
Display room with green Re-Board display.

See more at Team Event here.

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