Reboard Without Print

Reboard Without Print

The Next Printing name is synonymous with Reboard. We have continued to push the boundaries with this versatile material – the impossible is now a reality. As our customers, many of you have seen how Next Printing use Reboard to create structures that capture the client’s imagination and reduce their carbon footprint.

Next Printing is part of a global network of leading Reboard print and build businesses, who have been able to share ideas to challenge the status quo. We continue to ask ourselves how we can further reduce our environmental impact. Rather than simply spouting trendy eco-centric buzz words, we genuinely want to facilitate positive change.

Our global Reboard partnership has allowed us to introduce concepts that do just that. Reboard without print is one such solution. Unprinted Reboard structures create displays unlike any Australian consumers have seen before, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

CO2e is reduced by eliminating inks, the laminates needed to protect these inks and through the reduction of electricity use – made possible by removing power-hungry print presses.

Below are examples of Reboard structures creating impact in a non-printed form created by our international partner Nordwerk Design. The possibilities are endless.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures
Next Printing use Reboard Structures

With experiential retail on the rise, this could be the perfect time to create animals and other structures from Reboard and paperboard substrates.

Reboard and paperboard substrates.
Reboard and paperboard substrates.

Driven primarily by their positive environmental impact, electric cars are all the rage. What better way to demonstrate your green credentials than by promoting eco-friendly products with completely biodegradable Reboard structures.

Reboard Without Print

High fashion meets Reboard with an eye-catching display accentuated by the use of lighting.

Next Printing - Immersive Waves: Elevate Your Pop-Up Store with Lightweight Reboard

Create waves by turning your pop-up store into an immersive experience. With every element made from lightweight Reboard you can dramatically reduce your installation cost and time.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures
Next Printing use Reboard Structures
Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Retail window displays never looked so good.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Like clockwork: Reboard offers a quick turnaround time with endless possibilities.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Made for all seasons: Capture the festive mood without the need for print.

Contact us today to discuss possibilities for your brand or those of your customers today.

La Roche Posay Serums Activation with Pim Group | Case Study

La Roche Posay Serums Activation with Pim Group

The Challenge

Pim Group approached Next Printing in early September 2022 to create an immersive school room for guests to learn and experience all things La Roche Posay Serums. The main requirement was for the bulk of the materials used for the activation to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Pim Group had heard of Reboard and were keen to use this material as the foundation of their build. Next’s brief was to create seven freestanding pods or classrooms, each representing a specific type of serum along with an additional set of lockers. Each pod was to be unique in terms of colour, size and elements incorporated, which ranged from bespoke Reboard shelving to wainscotting to a full awning on the ‘Canteen’ booth.  

The Solution

Reboard, with its FSC Certification, low carbon footprint and comparable strength to MDF, was utilised for all pod walls and to build the set of lockers that greeted guests upon arrival. Other materials such as Foamboard were used for the profile-cut lettering, with Floor Mat printed to cover the existing carpeted floors at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club. One of the unique challenges with this project was achieving the bright colours to match each La Roche Posay Serum bottle and to replicate these across all elements of each pod. Whilst we were kindly provided with CMYK breakdowns, considerable colour matching on many substrates was done prior to production to ensure the solid colours on the walls matched those on the floors and other materials.

The Execution

Installation was scheduled for early November and following approval of colour tests, design concepts supplied by Pim Group were 3D rendered by our industrial design team. Next’s group of experienced installers arranged delivery of the material to North Bondi, with all seven Pods installed over a 2-Day period. The Serum School Event involved masterclasses, skin exams, serum matching and gifting for all who attended. At its conclusion, all Reboard and other sustainable items were broken down quickly on-site and taken for recycling and other processing.

The Takeaway

Pim Group noted that their ‘client was so happy that she teared up when she arrived’ at the venue and that they had received ‘so many compliments’ on the build itself. La Roche Posay ANZ commented via Instagram that their Sydney Serum School Event had been a huge success and hoped to bring similar activations to other locations in the near future.

La Roche Posay

Clinique with The Make Haus | Case Study

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydration Station Pop-up: Clinique with The Make Haus

The Brief

To celebrate Clinique’s best-selling Moisture Surge™ Hydrator (one sells every four seconds worldwide) the brand wanted to create a pop-up experience to welcome media and influencer guests. 

Next Printing were approached by The Make Haus in tandem with the incredible Hatrik House and asked to convert an existing physical store in one of the busiest streets in Australia (Mid City Centre, Pitt St Mall Sydney) into a one-off pop-up store. ‘The purpose of putting in this pop-up is to elevate our customers’ experience by designing and creating a space that’s an immersive destination that’s not only exciting but also fun to everyone’. * 

With a floor space of 11 meters wide x 4 meters high, it was possibly the largest single brand activation project undertaken by The Make Haus. 

Clinique’s best-selling Moisture Surge™ Hydrator

The Solution

The fit-out was created with Re-board® as its primary component. This engineered paperboard has comparable strength to MDF, an FSC Certification, and a low carbon footprint. Of the built items, over 90% were printed and constructed from 16mm Re-board®, making it one of the most sustainable pop-up stores of the year. 

Next Printing had less than five days to print over 70 sheets of Reboard, floor and window decals and additional materials and only two full days to install the entire carriage project. 

The Takeaway 

Next Printing were able to generate significant environmental benefits by using Re-board® as the main substrate for this project. 

We used 70 sheets of Re-board® with a total weight of 350kg. Alternatively, the customer would have had to use the equivalent quantity of MDF panels with a total weight of 1,820kg. This significant weight reduction reduced carbon emissions through both transportation and manufacturing. 

The pop-up was a huge success attracting a considerable physical turnout of patrons, whilst being simultaneously exposed to a large social media audience during the 4-day period it was open to the public. 

*Corinne Duffy, Brand General Manager – Clinique, Aveda & Lab Series ANZ at The Estée Lauder Companies 

Xerocon with INVNT | Case Study

Xerocon London, New Orleans & Sydney: Xero with INVNT

The Background

Media Agency INVNT were assigned the hefty task of producing the incredible Xerocon 2022 Global Roadshow for Xero. Following a 3-year hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, Xerocon commenced in July 2022 in London, moved to New Orleans in August and concluded in Sydney in September. INVNT’s directive was to utilise Reboard (the most environmentally friendly build solution available) to meet Xero’s sustainability commitment to our planet (Net Zero @ Xero by 2050) whilst supporting eco-conscious suppliers and working to minimise their own emissions. 

Next Printing were recommended to INVNT as a world leader in Reboard-based projects.    

As a like-minded company, striving to minimise our own carbon footprint and always encouraging our clients to do likewise, Next Printing were privileged to have been asked to be the international partner for this event.  

starling bank in xerocon

The Brief

The brief was to design, print and install 18 activations and over 150 exhibitor stands across 3 countries between July & September 2022, including installation, bump-out and recycling of Reboard items. 

The Solution

Next Printing’s team of Industrial & Graphic Designers worked closely with INVNT to create stand designs that would have maximum impact, whilst adhering to various budgets set by Xero, their partners and exhibitors. Additional materials were also utilised where required and included floor, glass and escalator decals, hanging information and directional signage and fabric for column wraps. Menus and Information Brochures were also produced.  

silverfin in xerocon

The Execution

In collaboration with our global partners, we provided designs and produced samples to ensure all exhibitor booths were made to a consistently high standard. This enabled a seamless bump-in across London, New Orleans and Sydney.  We also managed logistics and navigated different venue requirements including London’s Tobacco Dock heritage mandate and New Orleans labour laws.  

The Takeaway 

‘Xerocon 2022 was one of the most vibrant events INVNT has curated to date’. Activations ranged from barber shops, to ‘silent disco style’ breakout sessions; from open cinemas to pop-up jazz bands. ​In partnership with Next Printing, INVNT created spaces across three cities where attendees could learn, network, and bring the Xero community together. With sustainability in mind, this was the largest Reboard project ever executed. 

Creating a Visual Impact Without Print

Visual impact is, more than ever, sought after in every marketing execution. An effective visual strategy translates to more eyes and ears for sales. 

When creating a visual impact without print, you may think of one word: ‘Difficult.’ 

But it certainly doesn’t have to be. 

Your business retail display has multiple options for creating a visual impact that expand beyond printing beautiful designs. Some of the most impactful visual designs are completely minimalistic. The success of your retail display will be reflected by how much thought was put into it; the only limitations are your creativity. 

Sometimes, no print says more. 

When creative visions are put in pen and paper, it often ends up in print media form but it sometimes does not translate to catching the attention of your target market. When creating a shop display, your promotions have to stand out without flooding the audience with text. 

Let optimal designs work for you with your market. Extract your vision to an actual space where people can appreciate, visit, and interact with artistic elements. People will appreciate your messages easily, promising both awareness and engagement for your brand. 

Use of Lighting 

As photographers will tell you, lighting is crucial for capturing the mood of subject. The choice of lighting can catch the viewer’s eye in several ways.  

For example, illuminating only one part of a layered material display gives the impression of depth. Alternatively, the illumination may serve to focus the attention on the subject and imply the shadowed parts of the display are “lesser” in comparison. A shop display can work with lighting as an affordable yet effective design element. 

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is like the golden hour effect: Your retail display may play with coloured lighting and the reflectiveness of the material instead. The number of shadows used will also serve to give the material a realistic, textured appearance. The effect appeals as an optical illusion of depth through the appearance of tints and shades. 


Angles create a visual impact without print. Like lighting, there are many options for angle optimisation of your retail display. 

One such possibility is giving multiple interpretations of your retail display through opposing angles. For example, using Reboard to create a scene with one part of your display viewable from one angle, and so on. Many a shop display have used angles to give distinct elements or add a new way to view their designs. 

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is the use of staging and props. You may choose to elevate your hero product through a unidirectional display, where the viewer cannot reasonably find any other interpretation than the set-up before them. The display may incorporate steps that force the viewer to think of the product as literally elevated.  

Next Printing use Reboard Structures


Out of all your retail display material options, a Reboard display has the most minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, Reboard is a superior choice for retail displays due to its reflectiveness; the way the light shimmers on the material draws the attention of the viewer instantaneously. 

In addition to its shimmer factor, Reboard maintains its structure with surprising efficiency. There are endless options available in terms of buildability. The quality of Reboard material also ensures that many designs can be done without compromising durability.  

From creating a scene (first picture below) to making a replica of your product in Reboard (second picture below), Reboard shows how impressive removing printed design can be. 

Mixed Material

Show your customer base that you think outside the box through implementation of multiple materials in your retail display.  


Foam material gives your retail display a weightiness through its dense appearance. However, foam boards are not really recyclable, so consider the environmental impact of choosing foam. 

Next Printing use Foam Reboard Structures
Source: The Guardian Office, London 


Having the opposite effect of foam, paper will lighten the appearance of your retail display. This effect may be desirable if your display aims to play with movement, since paper will be the lightest material available. Also unlike foam, paper is degradable, meaning it will break down and be recycled easily. 

Plain Graphic Illustration Origami Product Display
Source: OSM 


Acrylic retail displays are excellent for putting the emphasis on display. You may choose to box in your hero product, or to give the impression that your product is premium. Whilst easier to recycle than foam, it is recommended you use acrylics sparingly, since it is a heavy-duty plastic. 

Next Printing - Acrylics


A close cousin to Reboard is Dispa, a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable. The shine Dispa has is more like a plastic cover than Reboard’s reflectiveness, resulting in a different effect when exposed to lighting. 

Next Printing Dispa - a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable
Source: Antalis UK 

Bottom Line: Breathe life to your display using quality materials 

Next Printing - All creating a visual impact without print.  
Source: Norwick 

The structure of your design can be conceptualised through lighting, angles (or lack thereof!), and types of material used: All creating a visual impact without print.  

The power to transform ideas to art in a specific space rely heavily on the quality of the materials used and how they are maximised. Compared to traditional print methods, visual impact can be more flexible nowadays. Displays can benefit from using less or no print to generate more visual impact. The vision needs to be loyal from conceptualisation to execution. Next Printing creates this experience.  

Collaborate with Next Printing 

  • Pioneers in creative sustainable print ideas. 
  • High-quality point of sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage. 
  • Reliable and delivering in record time. 

As Australia’s pioneer in sustainable printing, Next Printing is the contractor of choice for high-quality point of sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage. We pride ourselves in being reliable, exceeding expectations, and delivering in record time. Our success in providing clients with versatile, long-lasting, and eco-friendly digital printing solutions carries over into better outcomes for both them and their target audiences. 

Contact us today. Our team of specialists are ready to consult with you regarding the applications of breakthrough digital printing technology through Re-Board® and the current generation of fabric printing

W+ Playground with Mark Makers | Case Study

Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood: W+ Playground with Mark Makers

The Brief

To help create a custom pop-up playground for the Westfield Plus campaign at Westfield Burwood. The client had a super tight turnaround to get this activation live, with complete trust and full creative license, they could do what they do best – push the boundaries with fun, exciting concepts in record time while continuing to reduce impact on the environment.

While being sustainable, the interactive activation needed to be robust enough to handle kids being kids during the school holidays!

Reboard Westfield Playground

The Solution

Next Printing worked closely with the design team at Mark Makers to realise their concept to a working and great looking environment that allowed for a fast production and installation activation. Next Printing managed the industrial design, print, production and the installation allowing Mark Makers to focus on the creative and overall execution.

Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood: W+ Playground with Mark Makers
Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood: W+ Playground with Mark Makers
Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood: W+ Playground with Mark Makers

The Execution

Working with Reboard for all the walls arches and plinths plus decals for the floor graphic and foam for the 3D lettering all elements came together to create a fun interactive space which attracted kids into the area keeping them entertained during the school holiday period.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the materials used, installation was completed by our specialist installers in under 4 hours while the bump-out was able to be completed in less than 3 hours. All the reboard elements being able to be fully recycled reducing the carbon footprint greatly when compared to using more traditional materials such as MDF and vinyls.

Coca-Cola & FIFA World Cup with Havas Blvd | Case Study

The Challenge

Havas Blvd approached Next Printing in early August 2022 with limited time to produce major branding elements on behalf of Coca-Cola and FIFA for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Trophy Tour events taking place at Sydney’s new Alliance Stadium. An overarching consideration was Coca-Cola and FIFA’s desire to be sustainable and eco-friendly wherever possible. Next was asked to consider this and to actively look for opportunities to use recyclable materials and similar initiatives. The brief included creating a non-pitch photo opportunity, pillar wraps, an entrance archway feature, branded tables, a DJ booth, a merchandise stand and media walls for an interactive zone. 

Fifa World Cup Tropy Tour Reboard DJ Booth

The Solution

A combination of sustainable materials were used for this activation (based on budget, suitability and time constraints). Reboard was utilised as the main backdrop for the VIP, stakeholder and media event on the pitch. It was also used to construct the large arched entrance feature, DJ booth and merchandise stand. Its comparable strength to MDF, FSC Certification and low carbon footprint made it an obvious choice. Enviro Fabric (made from recycled PET Bottles) was used for pillar wraps, branded table skirts and as skins for custom pop-up walls. Next produced most of the signage using recyclable or recycled materials.

The Execution

Following a speedy approval of budget, Reboard items were designed and 3D rendered by Next’s industrial design team. Fortunately, drawing upon some of our existing designs expedited the approval process. With fabric and other elements given the go-ahead, Next produced all items in-house, ready for installation on-time at Allianz Stadium. Negotiating the teething problems of setting-up inside a brand-new facility, Next’s installers (along with the helpful crew from Havas Blvd) built punchy, on-brand and environmentally focused structures in a matter of hours. These stands were later quickly broken down and returned to Next for recycling and other processing.

Benefit: Box o’Powder Launch with Smee | Case Study

Christmas Display Ideas for Retail Stores Using Reboard

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