Durst Rho 312R

Durst Rho 312r (Country of manufacture: Italy)

Durst Rho 312r (Country of manufacture: Italy)

The Rho 312R is a 3.2 m roll-to-roll printer equipped with Durst Quadro Array 12M printheads with more than 24,000 nozzles and a droplet size of 12 picoliters.

This droplet size enables excellent image quality with up to 800 dpi.

The Rho 312R can print up to six colors, and the Durst Roll Ink is eco-friendly, free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and was certified according to the stringent Nordic Swan environmental guidelines. The Rho 312R has the option of printing parallel on two 1.6 meters rolls with separate print queues.

Gamut of Durst Rho 312 2D Gamut Comparison with Adobe RGB and Coated GRACol2006. Durst Rho 312 Gamut built by printing the IT8.7-4 CMYK Random test chart on Chantaffiche 250JE 115g blueback vinyl at 600x400 dpi using Caldera’s Grand Format RIP with the Perceptual Rendering intent and Quality set to Gloss.

The paper white was measured at L*90.34, a*-0.01, b*-1.94. For reference purposes The L* value represents a white value in darkness and lightness. The higher the number, the whiter the paper.

The a* value represents no cast on the green/red axis, and the b* value of -1.94 indicates a very nominal blue cast.