Form meets function with the ultra-versatile, eco-friendly Re-board. Your next masterpiece is limited only by your imagination as you create a world of possibilities that defy conventional thinking.



Welcome to the future of printing – environmentally aware, ultra-versatile Re-Board. With this material, Next can transform your idea into a masterpiece.

In the past, printing materials have to a large extent dictated what we can do. Now, thanks to the technology and design of Re-Board, all previous limitations go out the window.

You are free to create whatever you can dream up – Next will bring it to life in ways that you never thought possible.

The key to Re-Board is its strength, keeping its form even when fashioned into intricate or unusual shapes. Together with a sustainable composition that is 100% recyclable, it truly represents the future of printing. Rethink the limits. Re-engage your audience. Re-create with Re-board!

100% recyclable. 100% creative.


Re-Board represents the leading edge of printing innovation in Australia and around the world. Designed in Europe and made possible here through Next’s high-quality digital print technology, Re-Board is limited only by your imagination. There are literally millions of ways to turn your artwork into a masterpiece.

At Next, we work with you to get the best result, every time. Ours is a world of possibilities – with Re-Board ideal for applications in both the Exhibition or Retail arenas. In fact, anywhere that requires heads to turn and eyes to be popped.

Furniture, racks, stands… the strength of Re-Board means that you can create sturdy structures that will defy traditional print-thinking. Perfect for grabbing attention while also being extremely functional in any space.

We listen to your ideas or can suggest our own to fit your requirements. Our multi-million dollar investment in the latest printing technology and high-resolution consistent output means you are in good hands. When you partner with the best, you enter a world where anything is possible…

Re-think the possible.


Re-Board opens up a world of possibilities. Witness its potential in this gallery of work. Be inspired by things you never thought possible and start imagining your own next masterpiece – we’ll save a place for it in this showcase.

Printing, re-imagined.



Behind every great product you will find world-class support. At Next, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, friendly customer service and positive feedback time after time.

While we take pride in our automated print systems, we will never automate our client services. For each project, you are assigned your own personal account manager – on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Communication is the key to building successful customer relationships, and we ensure you stay informed at every stage throughout – creation, printing and delivery. We also provide phone assistance 7 days a week, for any other queries you may have.

Quality, reliable service. It is our pleasure to work with you, and we strive to make the customer experience as memorable as the masterpiece you create.

Experience the Next level of service.