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Artwork Specification Guide
Click here to download the full artwork specification guide

PDF file format

We recommend all your artwork files are saved and supplied as PDF format. PDF is the most common file format which most printers will accept.


Minimum image resolution requirement is 300dpi at 25% scale or 100dpi at 100% scale to produce satisfactory results.


If you require editing to be made to your artwork, please ensure all images are embedded.


Please outline all fonts, any missing fonts may be replaced by another font. Alternatively working fonts can be submitted with your artwork.


We require 10mm bleed all sides on all artwork. For fabric artwork please provide 30mm bleed all sides

Contour cutting

Please supply all cut files as vector line, swatch name as CONTOUR and spot colour on a separate non printing layer

White ink

Please supply all white ink as vector art, swatch name as WHITE INK and spot colour on a separate non printing layer

Colour matching

Please let us know if you require colour matching to an existing sample. We will require a physical sample to which we will colour match to.

Colour profile

Please supply artwork as tagged CMYK. If RGB Images are supplied, a conversion will be applied based on the Next Printing standards. Tagged image profiles will be honoured, if images are untagged, the default Adobe profile will be applied, this may cause undesired colour shifts in your images.


We have a range of templates for your creative department including pull up banner, teardrop and many more.

Please contact your account manager to have these supplied to you.


Certain artwork are too large for some media to be printed on without splitting. Please ensure tiling allocation is highlighted if you have specific requirements.

Submitting your artwork

Artwork (if less than 10MB) can be emailed directly to your account manager.

We accept files from websites such as or similar for files above 10MB.

Alternatively files can be uploaded via Dropbox or Google Drive.

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