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Material possessions come to life with our innovative fabric print solutions. From outdoor banners to Exhibition spaces and large format options, we are your experts – bringing creativity to the fold.

SABA window display including black clothing.

There’s something about the look, feel and luxuriousness of fabric. While traditional printing methods deal in rigid forms, using fabric adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Fabric is an extremely adaptable material, allowing you to bring your brand to life in new and exciting ways. And thanks to Next’s modern printing technologies, it’s more affordable than ever to add a touch of luxury and unique texture to your visual communications.

Using fabric doesn’t mean compromising. In fact, with our 3200mm width dye sublimation process, you have a full licence to be creative no matter what the size. Affordable, adaptable, remarkable!

Increase the lifespan of your next fabric project

You don’t wear the same clothes every day, so why should your Next fabric masterpiece be any different? With our EXTN framing system, you can enjoy the convenience and practicality of ‘re-skinning’ your graphics – fitting a new look over our custom-made frame.

Now you can showcase your creativity in many ways, without breaking the bank. Perfect for Retail and Exhibition settings, where innovation is key and delivering a new message is paramount. Your EXTN system is Next at its best – versatile, innovative and inspirational.

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With fabric printing, you are invited into a whole new world – with images that bend, flex and respond in ways that look and feel unique.
There are literally millions of possibilities – millions of ways to turn your artwork into a fabric masterpiece.

At Next, we are limited only by your imagination. Ours is a world of possibilities – bringing to life your fabric requirements. Whether for Retail or Exhibition display or your own project, the ideas are endless.

Red canvas print with a couple on the front.

Explore a world of fabric possibilities through our gallery of work. Be inspired by things you never thought possible and wowed by things you never imagined could look so good. This is what we can do for you.

There is nothing fabricated about these fabric masterpieces. Distinctive, striking and proven successful. We look forward to adding your next project to them!.

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