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Our thermal imaging fever detection solution creates automated alerts discretely to keep your business safe.

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Fever Detection Solutions
Freestanding thermal camera

How does it work?

The free standing Dali Thermal Imaging Cameras are able to measure a subject’s temperature at a high accuracy in real time ±0.3°C. It is lightweight, portable and automatically detects body temperature in crowded public areas.

Thermal fever detection camera.

Intelligent Alert

The Dali range of cameras intelligently identifies and alerts you to elevated body temperatures within the camera’s range, allowing you to isolate and contain the potential spread of viruses.

Fever detection device.

Easy to use

Backed by an Australian warranty our range of fever detecting cameras can be set up within minutes. You can use the inbuilt screen for detection or connect it to a larger monitor.

Trusted by the World’s Largest

Dali cameras are trusted by some of the largest businesses in the world. From distribution centres that rely on our cameras to ensure their businesses stay operational and Covid-19 free to large retailers who enable it to protect their staff and customers. These include:

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