5 Reasons Why Re-Board® Is The Future Of Exhibitions And Events

Pranil Chandra November 12, 2021

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5 Reasons Why Re-Board® is the Future of Exhibitions and Events

Better Material, Better Design, Better For Our Planet.

It’s difficult to stand out in an age where novelty and innovation are around every corner. When audiences are bombarded with media from all sides, running a successful exhibition or event demands eye-catching creativity.

However, making the most out of your creative talent (or that of the designers you employ) can be impossible without the right conditions. After all, you’re bound by financial constraints, tight deadlines, the inherent limits of the materials at your disposal.

Re-board® is a groundbreaking engineered paperboard material that’s designed to solve those problems — and then some.

In this article, we’ll walk you through five compelling reasons why Re-board is the future of exhibitions and events and is being used by innovative companies to create stunning and eco-friendly displays.

1. Re-board® is strong and durable

Strength is a major determining factor for the quality of a display material. Stronger materials run a lower risk of damage when being transported, installed, or presented— making them more valuable over a longer period of time.

Likewise, the best designers are keen to work with materials that allow them to go beyond mere audio-visual spectacle. Ambitious designers create a healthy demand for sturdier materials, though most of today’s options are expensive, restrictive, and/or unsustainable from an environmental perspective.

Re-board® is engineered for strength: it retains its form even when fashioned into intricate shapes and designs, without sacrificing affordability and eco-friendliness (more on this later). As a result, the medium is lightweight and deceptively strong — we’ve even seen exhibitors partner with top design firms to create custom furniture pieces made entirely out of the material.

This advancement is no small deal, as Re-board paves the way for more effective communication.

If you’re an artist, Re-board® opens up the dimensions of touch and motion by allowing for easier creative control over displays that your audiences can feel, lift, and even sit on.

Likewise, sales and marketing professionals can take advantage of haptic memory through tactile experiences that make a stronger and more lasting impression on shoppers.

Pink display made from Re-Board for Sephora.

2. Re-board® is versatile

Many of the best materials are limited in their usefulness. If they’re sturdy, then they aren’t malleable. If they’re malleable, then they’re either flimsy or prohibitively expensive.

Simply put, yesterday’s market made it very difficult for businesses and exhibitors to get their hands on material that balances versatility with strength at an accessible price. Even the last generation of paperboard, while easy to cut and print into different shapes, left people wanting in terms of durability.

As a result, exhibitors have had to go through added and unnecessary steps to achieve complex and immersive designs.

Since creativity shouldn’t involve a game of tetris, a scavenger hunt, or bankruptcy, Re-board’s versatility is perfect for businesses and exhibitors who are aiming for ambitious output.

For starters, its engineered fluted core allows it to be cut and folded into virtually any shape. This means one would only ever have to deal with a single material to create pop-up stores, stalls, display mounts, platforms — even tables and chairs.

Because the material is also lightweight, it’s easy to move, deploy, and store without warping its form. This extends the value of each design created using Re-board, and avoids the tricky business of having to source replacement parts from different vendors if something breaks or goes missing.

Just like the current generation of paperboard, the material is compatible with digital printers, and can be laminated to achieve pristine finishes.

All told, Re-board® technology expands the range of options for exhibition and event design by making intricate projects simpler and more affordable. Boundless creativity has always been the goal, and this material makes it that much more attainable.

Large adidas superstar shoe box installation with external shoe prints placed in a town centre.

3. Re-board® is eco-friendly

Today’s audiences and consumers demand sustainability. People have grown more conscious (and rightfully so) of the processes and materials that go into the media and products to which they’re exposed.

This puts a high amount of pressure on anyone with the intent to craft a display, run an event, or launch an exhibit: either you go green, or you incur the wrath of a public that demands responsibility.

Re-board® addresses the need for high-quality construction material without exposing the planet to greater risk. Its components are sustainably sourced, and it’s the first board in the world to independently measure carbon emissions made during the manufacturing process.

The board itself can last a business or exhibitor a long time, after which the material can be safely recycled into paper; it consists of no harmful components and uses water-soluble adhesives.

Finally, its lightness makes it more efficient to transport, requiring a smaller volume of carbon emissions to move (as compared to other, commonly used boards and materials).

A highly saturated image of Sephora's "Fresh" stand with a few chairs for people to try their new lipstick.

4. Re-board® is a well-supported, global product

There’s a growing community of Re-board® partners around the world, dedicated to helping their local networks work the material into their projects. It’s distributed in over 40 countries around the world, and have links to leading companies like Adidas, Fujifilm, Google, H&M, Ikea, Nutricia, Philips, SAP, Sephora and Virgin Airlines.

Re-board® partners are trained in handling, designing, and assembling the material, meaning artists and businesses can receive expert support when planning their next big display.

Since Re-board® is a relatively new innovation, designers would do well to keep an eye out for examples of its use in existing projects. Luckily, one can find thousands of examples of designs and projects created using Re-board® on their website.

Taylor Swift Re-Board Installation.

5. Re-board® is great for ROI

We’ve covered how sturdier, more versatile displays are possible, but at this point it bears mentioning that the benefits go beyond a great first impression: they can net more sales.

Sales and marketing installations (ex. Pop-up stores, launch booths, etc.) yield better returns when they can provide unique and meaningful experiences. Whether it’s a clever use of form and design or an immersive ride through a world given life by decorations you can touch, novelty goes a long way towards boosting sales and renown.

Re-board® has been used to create stunning displays at low cost. It’s responsible for successful product launches, exhibitions, and features in industries ranging from high fashion to formula car racing.


When we talk about a better future, we refer to impactful changes to the way things are done. For exhibitions and events, there are few greater innovations in recent memory than Re-board: it reduces overhead costs, increases the lifetime value of displays, widens options for design, and contributes to an eco-friendly mode of doing business.

The material is great for businesses looking to position themselves in a competitive market, as well as for artists looking for better ways to turn their creative vision into reality.

Next Printing is a proud partner of Re-board®, and a seasoned provider of world-class support and consultancy services for those looking to achieve new heights with their printed materials.

Learn more about our work with Re-board® here, or contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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