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Project Name: FIFA World Cup
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Industrial Design

An in-house industrial and graphics design team


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From fabrics to rigid substrates, we print and finish to your requirements in-house.


Install & Disposal

A network of installers throughout Australia backed by a recycling program.


Next Printing is leading the print industry in Australia in sustainable printing with Re-board®.

We are the pioneers in creating Re-board® solutions for pop-ups stores, point of sales, exhibitions
and experiential retail.

Re-board® is the material of choice for exceptional point of sale marketing, exhibit displays and
signage. Its strength and versatility enables you to rethink traditional retail channels and engage
with your customers in new and effective ways.

Re-board®’s versatility and strength comes from its engineered fluted core. Being significantly
more lightweight when compared to traditional MDF while still possessing significant load-bearing
and structural properties enables designers to create exceptional exhibits with ease.

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In the past, printing materials have to a large extent dictated what designers can do. Now, thanks to the technology and design of Re-Board®, all previous limitations go out the window. Re-board® is an improvement to MDF (medium-density fibreboard) commonly used in the exhibition and event space as it is 100% recyclable while still offering comparable structural strength.

Common application for Re-board® are media walls, pop-up stores, shop fit outs, point of sales, exhibition booths and product activation features. However due to it’s versatility and strength, ReBoard® can do so much more. Speak to us to see how can Re-board® make your brand literally stand out.

What is Re-Board®?

Re-board® is a uniquely strong and versatile rigid paperboard. Its engineered fluted core allows Re-board® to be cut and folded into any shape imaginable. The pristine white surface can be digitally printed or beautifully finished with laminates. Even when crafted in fantastical shapes, Re-board® remains exceptionally strong, lightweight, and durable. This makes it the most versatile board on the market.

Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, it is ideal for display advertising, pop-up stores, point of sale marketing and for exhibitions and fairs.

The key to Re-board® is its strength, keeping its form even when fashioned into intricate or unusual shapes. Together with a sustainable composition that is 100% recyclable, it truly represents the future of printing.

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“Create meaningful connections with sustainable printing”

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Sustainable Printing

Unlike MDF (medium density fibreboard), Re-board® is 100% recyclable in normal waste paper stream found throughout the world.

This is because Re-board® contains no harmful components and utilizes water-based adhesives, meaning it can be recycled as paper. Being so lightweight, it also reduces the carbon footprint of transport significantly when compared to MDF.

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Small Carbon CO2 Footprint

Big impact, small CO2 footprint structures are feasible using Re-board® as a substrate. Re-board® is the most eco-friendly material of its kind and is the first board in the world to independently measure it’s CO2 emissions.

Why Re-Board®

We are experts at crafting complex eco-builds for retailers and the events and activation market. With the environment at the heart of everything we do; our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers whilst helping them stand out with immersive displays.

Rigid & Flexible

Reboard is rigid and strong, empowering us to create complex structures that can hold significant weight. Our ability to mechanically cut reboard allows it to be bent to create seamless curves and bends.

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100% Recyclable & Biodegradable

Unlike MDF, plywood and similar substrates, Reboard is 100% recyclable and in the event it does end up in landfill it is 100% biodegradable.

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Up to 92% lower carbon emission

Recent research has concluded, structures built from Reboard carries 92% lower emission compared to MDF.

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Speed & Time

With it’s light weight, Reboard is easy to manoeuvre and install. We have installed entire venues with structures in one day. The same structures can take three times as long using traditional substrates.

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