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Show your green side with stand-out sustainable printed marketing and displays your customers will love.

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Industrial Design

An in-house industrial and graphics design team


Project Management

A single point trusted advisor to ensure a successful execution.


From fabrics to rigid substrates, we print and finish to your requirements in-house.


Install & Disposal

A network of installers throughout Australia backed by a recycling program.


Proud to be Team Green

We will challenge our internal processes and give higher sourcing preference to our suppliers who offer eco-friendly products. We will seek and favour pro-active partners who care about the planet as much as we do and acknowledge that we all play a part in caring for the environment.

We promise to regularly review how we can reduce our production emissions and waste and continually search and introduce new products and materials for better ways to manage our environmental footprint.

Sustainability is about more than what we produce for clients – it’s about how.  

In recent years, NEXT has introduced multiple processes to reduce our carbon footprint – in the print room, our offices, and out on the roads – and become Australia’s leading eco-friendly printing company.  

Our green pledge includes:  

  • Lowering our footprint through green printing solutions like UV and Re-board® 
  • Choosing partners who share our environmental values 
  • Taking public transport or carpooling 
  • Reducing our power usage 
  • Recycling or reusing plastics, plates, cups and cutlery 
  • Repurposing offcuts for packaging 
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products 
  • Working towards a paperless office environment 
  • Educating our team and our clients about recycling vs. recyclable 

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Sustainable Printing Solutions

Premium quality, longer-lasting print that doesn’t cost the earth is real when you choose sustainable printing services from NEXT.

Smash your green goals

Businesses today care about the environment – and so does the green-conscious consumer.

Now, owners and marketers can meet their environmental commitments while showing customers their green side, with sustainable print marketing that lasts.

Thanks to NEXT eco printing services and recyclable materials like Re-board® – the most sustainable print material on the market – it’s now possible to go big on your marketing while going small on your carbon footprint. Retail window displays, pop-up activations and wall art: there are no limits to your creative brand marketing using eco-friendly UV print solutions at NEXT.

Let’s talk eco printing solutions

Our Trusted Advisors

Creative Strategy

Our in-house print specialists, designers, and marketers use extensive industry knowledge to bring your ideas to life on paper – or any sustainable material you choose! From temporary exhibitions and event pieces to office-based brand engagement, the team at NEXT helps you tell your story your way and sustainably.

Sandra Reedy

Project Manager

With a rich background in project coordination and account management, Sandra (or Sandy), is ardently dedicated to ensuring project and client success within vibrant commercial environments. Specializing in managing multiple concurrent projects, she acts as an essential link between clients and agencies, skillfully navigating through all stages of project management, sales administration, and marketing campaign development. Her meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to meeting tight deadlines enable her to consistently uphold the highest standards in all professional pursuits.

David De Freitas

Senior Account Manager

With over 25 years in the exhibition, event, and photographic printing space, David brings a wealth of experience to the visual communications industry. He prides himself on being a seasoned problem solver, ensuring that his clients' busy schedules are effortlessly managed when working with him. Known for delivering bespoke products and consistently reliable service, David is not only a provider but also a trusted advisor in the field. Feel free to connect with him for top-tier service or simply some friendly, free advice.

Pranil Chandra

Head of Sales

Pranil excels in crafting and implementing sales strategies aimed at fostering growth in competitive markets, with a pivotal focus on comprehending customer needs to provide value-added, socially and environmentally sustainable solutions. As a leader within the Next business, he stands out as a fervent advocate, driving positive change within the retail, events, and activation industry. Pranil spearheads the strategy, playing a vital role in educating customers about the environmental impact of the industry, always steering towards a more conscious and sustainable future.

Experienced Project Management

Over the years, we’ve created all kinds of eco-friendly marketing masterpieces for our clients. Once the concept is approved, your dedicated Project Manager oversees the process, including the design, production installation and packing down.

Using innovative recyclable materials like Re-board® and innovative UV printers, feel good knowing your sustainable marketing takes shape potential customers up close and personal.

Let’s talk sustainable printing solutions


NEXT Printing is a leader in the Australian print industry, thanks to our experienced, forward-thinking team who repeatedly transforms ideas into eye-catching, sustainable print solutions that last. Want print that’s truly engaging, eco-friendly and leaves its mark in the minds of your customers? NEXT can help.

Long-lasting solutions

NEXT transform high-quality UV prints onto Re-board®, fabric or other sustainable materials you choose. The result? Eco-friendly printing and marketing collateral that looks incredible and lives on and on.

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Proudly Australian

By prioritising local partners where possible, NEXT reduces the production cycle and creates a localised ecosystem. This means a more sustainable output at lower production costs we can pass on to our clients.

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Impeccable production

Quality means everything to NEXT, and it begins with production. Projects are completed with care and accuracy, full transparency & flexibility, keeping clients informed throughout the project.

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Eco-friendly inside and out

It’s about more than the materials and print processes used. We use minimum power and maximum efficiency to retain a low carbon footprint in the print room, on the road and setting up or packing away at events.

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What is sustainable printing?

At NEXT, it is an ongoing commitment to the environment and always choosing sustainable options in the production process, including:

  • removing solvent-based inks in our printing
  • zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) in our print drying
  • utilising print stock from FSC-certified sustainable sources
  • minimising plastics, foam and polystyrene packaging
  • maximising print yield by using advanced software to tile
  • minimising wasted materials
  • using ReBoard in place of MDF – 100% recyclable paper
  • investing in cutting-edge printers from leading manufacturers Durst (German) and Monti Antonio (Italian) for the right results first time
  • adopting UV Printing technologies to remove water usage in our printing

What is UV Printing?

The greenest way to print, UV Printing has turned traditional, solvent-based methods on their head. That’s no more nasty VOCs released into the air during the printing process, and no spray powders to dry the ink quickly. If that’s not enough reason to choose UV, you can print to any material without compromising the colour quality. Good for the environment and for a superior print finish.

Custom Build

Bespoke marketing – made to last

Every brand piece has a personality. Using cutting-edge technology and trusted processes refined over three decades in the print industry, each eco-friendly solution from NEXT Printing is created efficiently, on point with your brief and unique (with added customer jaw-drop thrown in).

Putting ideas onto paper (and more)

Over twenty years, our team has helped thousands of print brokers, project managers, marketers and visual merchandisers to deliver successful, sustainable brand marketing that packs a punch, pulls in a crowd and converts prospects into paying customers.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Bringing your ideas to life

Our team has supported thousands of visual merchandisers, print brokers,
marketers and project managers to deliver successful, sustainable brand activation events.
Your ideas + our creative capability = a crowd-pulling, sales converting pop-up activation.

All case studies presented within this documents are based on a strict methodology to ensure a tried and test process is always followed.

For simplicity, we have provided a high level overview of our process. As part of our internal continuous improvement program, the intricate details are continually revised based improvements identified.

Step 1

Concept Brief

Client provides a brief for what they are trying to achieve.


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Step 2

Q&A Session

Next leads a Q&A session to better understand the brief.


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Step 3

Renders Created

Next creates various renders for client to choose from. There maybe variations at this stage.


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Step 4


We create a prototype for sign off. There maybe variations at this stage.


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Step 5


Production begins with an agreed completion timeframe.


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Ready to bring your ideas to life?

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Sustainable Materials


Re-board® is possibly the best material for eco-friendly printed marketing. Thanks to its incredible versatility and load-bearing properties, Re-board® allows designers and printers to bring even the trickiest shaped pieces to life – AND it’s 100% recyclable – making it the number one choice for the modern print marketer.


Luxurious and flexible, fabric is perfect for high-end retail brand marketing displays at events and exhibitions. Today’s fabric holds UV print brilliantly, bringing textured storytelling to many a marketing piece. It’s also easy to transport and recyclable – an effective solution for the eco-conscious marketer.


The original eco-friendly solution, paper continues to tick many brand marketer’s boxes. Super versatile, you can create all kinds of brand wonders with paper, from eye-catching large format prints to highly engaging small take-away pieces. Cost-effective and sustainable, paper is one green machine in the print world.

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