A Winter Wonderland

Pranil Chandra October 21, 2020

An eco-friendly sensory experience made with retailers and exhibitors in mind. Limited only by your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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Visual Merchandising 101

Paul Graham February 11, 2020

Dating back to the late 1800s, the art of visual merchandising has been a consistent long-term growth strategy for retailers across the globe. Famous artists (Warhol, Dali, etc.) have contributed to visual merchandising strategies, and massive brands have utilised visual merchandising to consistently grow. So, it's no wonder that visual merchandising has stood the test of time and positioned itself as one of the most significant retail sales tools.

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The Ultimate Guide to Being an Awesome Project Manager and Producer

Paul Graham February 11, 2020

Whether you do retail, event planning, or are part of an agency, project management is a necessity. Managing projects one-by-one not only saves costs, but it helps organise teams who are all working toward a unified goal.

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