Christmas Display Ideas for Retail Stores Using Reboard

Christmas display ideas from across the globe!

Pranil Chandra September 1, 2022

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Christmas Display Ideas for Retail Stores Using Reboard

Christmas is around the corner – well for those that are starting to prepare for their Christmas retail displays. The busiest time on the retail calendar for the bricks and mortar retail.

This well known calendar date has seen some of the biggest shifts in trends internationally. As a result of the pandemic consumers have become more comfortable with online shopping – requiring retailers to create unique and immersive experiences which drive their customers to physically connect with brands in ways that the online experience cannot match.

If you’re looking for some Christmas display ideas from across the globe to help your business generate your next Christmas display, you’ve come to the right place!

Hyundai & Prop Studios

Santa's workshop clothing display.
VM | SANTA’S WORKSHOP | Hyundai Department Store

Hyundai, in partnership with Prop Studios created this childhood vision of a classical Christmas in their South Korean Department Store.

Did you know a similar campaign can be executed with a Reboard Display? Reboard material is a 100% recyclable rigid board that allows you to create a unique Christmas display while reducing your carbon footprint! In aligning with consumers rising demands for eco-friendly solutions, this is bound to drive attention.

Virgin Media Experiential Christmas Activation

Large red Christmas installation.
Virgin Media Experiential Christmas Activation

Audience and Virgin Media collaborated to create an eye popping Christmas Display at the iconic Kings Cross station. Commuters were encouraged to spin a Christmas wheel to win prizes. Virgin Media also donated £1 to Cares UK for every spin, capturing the essence of giving perfectly.

Not only can you create displays like Virgin Media from Reboard and fabric, but Next can also provide carbon footprint data savings on the project that you can shout from the rooftops to complete an amazing Christmas story.


Large red Christmas box frame clothing display with a large ribbon for Athlens.

Nothing says Christmas quiet like red, boxes and stars. This minimalist yet effective display executed by Ahlens, a department store in Stockholm, Sweden, captures the essence of Christmas shopping. We love that the products are not in the front of the display, like the store is just saying “Merry Christmas!” first.

This display can be crafted completely out of board and paper – Reboard material can be used to create the rectangle structure bow and shelves, while origami can be used to create elements such as stars.

Santa Playground with The Event Space

Two children playing on either side of Santa Claus.

In Partnership with The Event Space, last Christmas Next Printing created Santa set displays, executed throughout Australia. The set created using Reboard material was biodegradable.

Printing directly onto Reboard allowed the set to come to life with various patterns and colours that kids could interact with, as well as the different physical elements to create a unique photo set.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland tree Re-Board installation.
A large dimly lit winter wonderland Re-Board display filled with cardboard trees.
Winter Wonderland tree Re-Board installation.
Christmas Reboard without print close-up

Next Printing partner, Nordwerk, crafted this stunning Winter Wonderland display using only Reboard material, no print or lamination required at all.

In using lighting to create visual impact – this one is sure to be a winner for the most eco-friendly displays you could create. Still this raw display has something utterly magical and beautiful to it like the mundane, yet intricately complex snowflake.

It’s a Wrap!

A 2017 study on social corporate responsibility found that 87% of consumers would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit if they were given the opportunity. And 92% of consumers would be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues.

This is why eco-friendly solutions is part of our core offering through Reboard and other biodegradable materials. Practically we achieve this because we’re always looking at ways we can use recyclable materials such as using ReBoard to replace traditional MDF.

What’s more, Next Printing can also provide direct carbon emissions savings for any display! Think Tonnes of carbon saving – it’s good for business, it’s good for the environment.

Collaborate with NEXT Printing

As Australia’s pioneer in sustainable printing, Next Printing is the contractor of choice for high-quality point of sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage.

Our success in providing clients with versatile, long-lasting, and eco-friendly digital printing solutions carries over into better outcomes for both your business and your target audiences.

Contact us today to learn what bold, new directions your company or organisation could take through digital printing.

Our team of specialists are ready to consult with you regarding the applications of breakthrough technology like Re-Board® and the current generation of fabric printing.

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