Creating a Visual Impact Without Print 

Pranil Chandra February 16, 2024

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Creating a Visual Impact Without Print

Visual impact is, more than ever, sought after in every marketing execution. An effective visual strategy translates to more eyes and ears for sales.  

When creating innovative visual impact without print, you may think of one word: ‘Difficult.’  

But it certainly doesn’t have to be.  

Your business retail display has multiple options for creating a visual impact that expand beyond printing beautiful designs. Some of the most impactful visual designs are completely minimalistic. The success of your retail display will be reflected by how much thought was put into it; the only limitations are your creativity.  

Sometimes, no print says more.  

When creative visions are put in pen and paper, it often ends up in print media form but it sometimes does not translate to catching the attention of your target market. When creating a shop display, your promotions have to stand out without flooding the audience with text.  

Let optimal designs work for you with your market. Extract your vision to an actual space where people can appreciate, visit, and interact with artistic elements. People will appreciate your messages easily, promising both awareness and engagement for your brand.  

Use of Lighting

For example, illuminating only one part of a layered material display gives the impression of depth. Alternatively, the illumination may serve to focus the attention on the subject and imply the shadowed parts of the display are “lesser” in comparison. A shop display can work with lighting as an affordable yet effective design element.

As photographers will tell you, lighting is crucial for capturing the mood of subject. The choice of lighting can catch the viewer’s eye in several ways.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is like the golden hour effect: Your retail display may play with coloured lighting and the reflectiveness of the material instead. The number of shadows used will also serve to give the material a realistic, textured appearance. The effect appeals as an optical illusion of depth through the appearance of tints and shades.  


Angles create a visual impact without print. Like lighting, there are many options for angle optimisation of your retail display.  

One such possibility is giving multiple interpretations of your retail display through opposing angles. For example, using Re-board® material to create a scene with one part of your display viewable from one angle, and so on. Many a shop display have used angles to give distinct elements or add a new way to view their design.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is the use of staging and props. You may choose to elevate your hero product through a unidirectional display, where the viewer cannot reasonably find any other interpretation than the set-up before them. The display may incorporate steps that force the viewer to think of the product as literally elevated.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Re-board ®  

Out of all your retail display material options, a Re-board® display has the most minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, Re-board is a superior choice for shop displays due to its reflectiveness; the way the light on the material shimmers draws the viewer’s attention instantaneously.  

In addition to its shimmer factor, Re-board® maintains its structure with surprising efficiency. There are endless options available in terms of buildability. The quality of Re-board® material also ensures that many designs can be done without compromising durability.   

From creating a scene (first picture below) to making a replica of your product in Re-board® (second picture below), Reboard shows how impressive removing printed design can be.  

Mixed Material 

Show your customer base that you think outside the box through implementation of multiple materials in your retail display.

Next Printing use Foam Reboard Structures
Source: The Guardian Office, London 


Foam material gives your shop display a weightiness through its dense appearance. However, foam boards are not really recyclable, so consider the environmental impact of choosing foam. 

Plain Graphic Illustration Origami Product Display
Source: OSM 


Having the opposite effect of foam, paper will lighten the appearance of your retail display. This effect may be desirable if your display aims to play with movement, since paper will be the lightest material available. Also, unlike foam, paper is degradable, meaning it will break down and be recycled easily. 

Next Printing - Acrylics


Acrylic retail displays are excellent for putting the emphasis on display. You may choose to box in your hero product, or to give the impression that your product is premium. Whilst easier to recycle than foam, it is recommended you use acrylics sparingly, since it is a heavy-duty plastic. 

Next Printing Dispa - a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable
Source: Antalis UK 


A close cousin to Re-board® is Dispa, a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable. The shine Dispa has is more like a plastic cover than Re-board’s reflectiveness, resulting in a different effect when exposed to lighting. 

Bottom Line: Breathe Life to your Display Using Quality Materials 

Next Printing - All creating a visual impact without print.  
Source: Norwick 

The structure of your design can be conceptualised through lighting, angles (or lack thereof!), and types of material used, all creating a visual impact without print.   

The power to transform ideas into art in a specific space relies heavily on the materials’ quality and how they are maximised. Compared to traditional print methods, visual impact can be more flexible nowadays. Displays can benefit from using less or no print to generate more visual impact. The vision needs to be loyal from conceptualisation to execution – and Next Printing creates this experience.    

Collaborate with Next Printing  

As Australia’s pioneer in sustainable printing, Next Printing is the contractor of choice for high-quality point-of-sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage. We pride ourselves in being reliable, exceeding expectations, and delivering in record time. Our success in providing clients with versatile, long-lasting, and eco-friendly digital printing solutions carries over into better outcomes for them and their target audiences.  

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