Everything You Need to Know About Re-board

Pranil Chandra January 2, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Re-board

It’s become a favourite in the experience retail marketing space, but what makes Re-board® material our number one choice for displays? 

If you have heard about Re-board and wondering what all the fuss is about, read on! Today, we’re peeling back the layers and getting to the heart of Re-board®. 

Let’s Talk Re-board®

What is Re-board®?

Many event planners and marketers nowadays know all about Re-board®. Yet for those unfamiliar with this material, prepare to learn why it has become something of a crowd favourite in the world of events, pop-up stores and marketing displays – so much so it’s one of our most asked-about items at Next. 

So, what is Re-board®? In a nutshell, Re-board® is a flexible and lightweight paper-based material used in retail marketing displays. Made from versatile rigid paperboard, Re-board® has an engineered fluted core at its centre to make it strong and robust. It looks and works similarly to MDF, yet because it’s made from multiple layers of paper, it is much lighter and more adaptable to work with. Once produced, Re-board® is primed and ready for digital printing, the perfect host for almost any imaginable design.

Why Choose Re-board® for Retail Marketing and Events Displays 

Sustainable – in every way 

Flexible, lightweight and print-friendly – sounds too good to be true, right? Yet perhaps the best reason to create Re-board® displays is that it’s 100% recyclable. Not only that, but it’s one of the most sustainable materials available on the market globally

Its production includes an Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) process, meaning the wood pulp remains unbleached. It also uses water-based adhesive to bond the paper layers together. This reduction in artificial elements makes Re-board® fully recyclable, so you needn’t be concerned about how to dispose of it safely when it’s done its job. In fact, you’ll sleep better knowing it will go through the recycling process into future jobs!  

No wonder brands with a green agenda – which is just about any company nowadays – have taken to using Re-board® like a duck to water. Whether you’re creating a trade show display, a temporary pop-up or a piece of permanently fixed wall art, use sustainable inks for your Re-board® printing, and you’ve ticked off just about every green box possible. 

You can do ANYTHING with Re-board®! 

If you work in the brand creative space, you’ll appreciate the necessity to keep upping the ante each time you’re tasked with a product promotion, tradeshow or event. Ideas are just one piece of the puzzle – once conjured, you need to feel confident about bringing them to life! And this takes having materials you can trust.   

Re-board® is one incredible material you can contour, colour, shape and size however you like. Cut it into tiny hanging snowflakes for a winter-themed display – or curve into a giant-sized ski slope! Recreate a crowd of people, a city skyline or a mountain range backdrop for your exhibition piece. Make a stairway to the stars with your showcase product sitting at the top. Re-board® can support the centrepiece or BE the centrepiece – use it your way (which is pretty much any way you choose!). 

Printable AND Practical! 

Once it comes off a production line, Re-board® material is finished with a primer so it’s ready for printing. This final reflective surface makes the material so susceptible to print – and a superior print at that! Not that you have to print onto Re-board; it still looks equally high quality when left as a blank canvas and curated into some of those mesmerising shapes already mentioned. 

Whether you leave yours unprinted or transform your Re-board® into a multi-coloured marketing masterpiece, it’s great knowing your display will be simple to transport thanks to being one of the lightest materials around. And when it arrives at its destination – exhibition, retail outlet or shop window – it could not be easier to assemble, taking very little time to put together and begin enticing those passers-by! Once your event finishes, Re-board® packs away flat – great for any brand wanting to store away their display for future events.  

Is Re-board® the same as MDF? 

Re-board® and MDF – or Medium Density Fibreboard – are entirely different materials. They might look the same at first glance, but the similarity ends here. 

MDF has long been used for retail, tradeshows, exhibitions and events. Nowadays, Re-board® presents a more suitable option for the following reasons: 

First, there’s Sustainability and Longevity.  

Unlike MDF, Re-board® material is 100% recyclable in the normal waste paper stream, making it an eco-friendly solution. Because it’s lightweight, it also takes less effort to transport, lowering the carbon footprint significantly compared to MDF.   

If you want to use your Re-board® creation at numerous events, it’s strong enough to do so – just like MDF. Yet when you’re ready to retire your masterpiece completely, your local recycling facility will be more than happy to take it away for disposal. Thanks to its many chemicals, this isn’t quite so simple a process with MDF.  

Secondly, there’s the Speed and ease of installation.  

If you’re like most of our clients, you will operate in a fast-paced environment with quick production and limited installation windows. Try putting MDF next to Re-board®, and it just can’t compete. 

Because Re-board® is a lightweight material, it’s easy to assemble without the need for specialist skills and drills. Typically, Re-board® can be moved and set up by a single person rather than an entire team. It also packs down easily, ready to transport and store away should you want to repurpose your display at a future event. 

Finally, there’s the Cost. 

And this surprises most of our clients using Re-board® for the first time. Quite often, producing a Re-board® installation costs as much as 50% less than MDF. 

The display itself may appear cheaper using MDF, but when you factor in all components – ease of transport, installation, storage and disposal costs – Re-board® often presents a more cost-effective solution.

Planning your Event: Key Considerations When Choosing if Re-board® is Right for You 

Lots of our NEXT clients love working with Re-board® because it’s durable, versatile, lightweight, printable and eco-friendly. When you are next planning an in-store point-of-sale display, pop-up activation or exhibition piece, consider these points to see if Re-board® is right for your project. 

Design: Do you need to cut or create shapes with your material? 

Print: Is printing onto your material essential to the finished piece? 

Ease of Assembly / Portability: Is your display time-critical?  

Extra Features: Does your display require any lighting? 

Brand goals: Do you have a green agenda? Does sustainable printing matter to you? 

Venue & Size of Display: Are you working in a confined space? 

Longevity of the display: Is your display running for more than a week? Will it be used at multiple events? 

Objective: Is the material your key focal piece? 

If the answer to some or most of the points above is yes, then it’s likely Re-board® is the most suitable material. To be sure, we recommend you talk to our team – while Re-board® is our most requested material, we have many others available, too! Tell us more about your project, and we’ll help match a material to take your event piece to another level. 

Let’s Talk Re-board®

Do you want to create eco-friendly, immersive displays that deliver on sustainability and sales? 

Arrange a chat with NEXT Printing about how we can take your displays to a new level, winning business while winning the war against waste.  

Let’s Talk Re-board®

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