Leaping Forward Into Sustainable Efficiency With The HP Stitch S1000

Pranil Chandra January 30, 2020

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Leaping Forward Into Sustainable Efficiency With The HP Stitch S1000

As part of our commitment to helping businesses, exhibitors, and artists achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly impact, we’ve invested in a next-generation printer capable of transferring our clients’ designs directly onto garments, soft signage, and even interior decor.

Next Printing is the only printing company in the Asia Pacific region to work with the revolutionary HP Stitch S1000 Printer.

With the increasing number of distractions people have to endure on a daily basis, there seems to be a shortage of immersive experiences— of “Wow!” moments. More and more of our media is built to capture fleeting attention and inspire surface-level recall, which begs the question: what does it take to really grab someone’s attention?

Better Printing Services, Faster Delivery Time

From traditional retail designs to fantastic displays, our clients have always had a wide range of options to bring their vision to life. With the inclusion of our new HP Stitch S1000 Printer, they can expect better quality services delivered at faster speeds.

The technology built into this new hardware allows us to print on transfer paper and polyester fabrics with exceptionally sharp results. Its native 1200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution means we can produce prints with astonishing detail and rich colour saturation; for clients, this translates into a broader set of opportunities to implement complex and unique designs.

Better still, the HP Stitch S1000 Printer allows us to preserve that quality while printing up to 220 m²/hr, while its Smart Nozzle Compensation system ensures reliability and uniform quality across large batches. Ergo, if we happen to take on jobs during our busiest season, clients can rest assured of prompt and efficient service.

Keeping the Impact Visual, Not Ecological

While it’s great that we can now create high-quality prints in record time, the HP Stitch S1000 Printer really shines for its environmentally friendly design.

We were drawn to HP for their commitment to keeping our skies, land, and ocean clean. They’ve been on our radar since announcing their plans for forest-positive paper and a carbon neutral business model.

The HP Stitch S1000 Printer was built around that promise, which means we — and by extension, our clients—can rest assured that anything made using the printer produces less waste than rival machines. Likewise, their recycling program makes it easy to pass along used cartridges and printheads, with no added cost.

With the increasing rate of ecological decay and worsening crises around the world, we can’t overstate how relieved we are to be able to offer our services with a guarantee of sustainability.

One Upgrade, Endless Opportunities

Fabric printing is more than a fad. It’s a market opportunity that’s set to continue along an upward trajectory. Vendors and artists around the world are taking notice of the potential it has to turn shapes and surfaces into experiences sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers and visitors of all kinds.

We’re excited to see how our clients will make use of this new development. The applications of large-format, direct-to-garment printing have yet to be fully explored, so we’re eager to play a part in the race to make the most out of the opportunity.

As always, we are primed and ready to consult with marketers, exhibitors, and artists looking to make a bigger and bolder impact on their target audiences. You can spot a handful of examples of our past work and download our portfolio over at the Fabric page.

Or, you can cut right to the source and get in touch with one of our experts through the button below.

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