Sonoma Partners With Next For Sanitising Stands

Pranil Chandra August 25, 2020

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Sonoma Partners With Next For Sanitising Stands

Sonoma is Australia’s most respected artisan sourdough bakery. Their roots lie in the hard-work, passion, and determination of a father and two sons who, with no knowledge of bread-making, took an idea and created the much-loved Sonoma brand, now synonymous with baking excellence.

The Challenge

Sonoma Bakery needed to introduce controls for hygiene and infection control in their various bakeries and cafes to help keep their staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sonoma sought to provide a custom product that visibly demonstrated the effort taken, rather than to settle for one of the generic units currently flooding the market. After considering several options, their primary requirements were for a stand that not only stood-out, but also seamlessly blended brand and function. Sonoma Bakery approached Next Printing about our locally made, portable, Eco-Friendly and brandable sanitiser stations.

The Solution

Sonoma was drawn to the minimalist approach of our stations, the design allowing the stand to fit in effortlessly at their various locations across NSW and the ACT. Lightweight enough to be moved easily by staff in-store and completely brandable ensuring the Sonoma name remained forefront at the entrance to each bakery/cafe.

Black hand sanitising station made from Re-Board in a shop.

The Execution

To expedite the process, Next Printing’s Industrial Design team provided two branding options for Sonoma, one of which was immediately chosen as the final render and approved for production. Conscious of the urgency for the stands in-store, Next printed, produced and delivered all required sanitiser stations within four working days. Supplied with easy to follow instructions and consisting of only two components (along with the dispenser) allowed the stands to be easily set-up in-situ within a week of ordering.

Black hand sanitising station made from Re-Board.

The Results

Next Printing’s portable sanitiser stations were well received by Sonoma Bakeries and Management alike. The sleek units provided added peace of mind for staff and customers whilst simultaneously adding value to and reflecting the bespoke history of the Sonoma Brand itself.

What Sonoma had to say…

At Sonoma, we take our brand very seriously and being able to add our name to a sanitiser station in these troubling times is important to us. By selecting Next’s custom branded stand, we are showing our staff and customers that we care about protecting their health. Our new stands look great and are effective and easy to use.

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