Sustainability vs. Affordability in Large Format Printing: The Next Dilemma 

Explore the dilemma of sustainability vs. affordability in large format printing with Next. Discover innovative solutions for a greener and cost-effective future.

Pranil Chandra June 22, 2023

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Sustainability vs. Affordability in Large Format Printing: The Next Dilemma 

In the past, consumers were often forced to choose between sustainability and affordability. 

It was certainly the case in the printing world – but not anymore.  

Nowadays, thanks to technological advancement, sustainable printing products are becoming more mainstream – and at a more palatable price point. It’s time to debunk the myths about sustainable meaning unaffordable and tell the truth about today’s eco-friendly solutions that are paying marketers back by the spade full.  

Eco-friendly display printing: Time to replace the Vs with AND… 

Most of us are cost-conscious – in our work and home lives. Yet the consumer’s appetite for green solutions has never been greater, and it’s become critical to get the balance between economical and eco-friendly bang on the money. 

It’s not just the products we buy; many of us look to support companies who are truly ‘green’ in every sense of the term – from the production line to logistics and beyond. If you want to project your green image to your potential customers, it starts with your displays! 

Thankfully, there has never been a better time to choose display materials that are both sustainable AND affordable. 

In the old world: sustainable print materials were pricey! 

Sustainable materials are not a new concept. Yet, for creatives and marketers working to tight budgets, it was all too easy to overlook green products because of their cost. And who would want to put forward a campaign they knew was heading for a management knock-back because of its price?    

It wasn’t just cost making life difficult for the display designers and creators but longevity. Eco-friendly paper-based materials might appear sustainable in terms of their recyclability, but what is the real cost when displays made from paper have an extremely limited shelf life?    

The REAL truth about today’s sustainable print materials 

More eco-friendly print materials are on the market nowadays – some greener than others. PET-based fabric, for example, stems from recycled plastic, yet it can only withstand the process a handful of times before it becomes defunct. Perhaps the most common display material for many years, MDF, also has limited recyclability because of the harmful adhesives used in its production. 

At Next, the number one choice of display material in being both sustainable AND affordable is Re-board Displays.   

Why Re-board?
  • Strong and Durable
  • Highly versatile
  • Eco-friendly – infinitely recyclable
  • Supported globally
  • Great ROI
  • Creates jaw-dropping displays!

Why Re-board? 

It is a question many customers put our way: Why buy Re-board when it costs more than other display materials? 

Depending on your project requirements, Re-board may look like a costly option at first glance. 

This is where the total cost of ownership comes into play. 

In terms of its sustainability, Re-board is a clear winner, with infinite recyclability placing it ahead of many other display materials. In addition, the strength and durability of Re-board mean it lasts for years – that’s a longer shelf-life before you even need to think about taking it for recycling. 

And the more outings for your display, the less cost to your marketing budget over time.  

It’s not just how Re-board is produced that makes it sustainable and affordable. There are many invisible long-term costs tied to materials like MDF which you won’t get when you choose Re-board as a base material for your displays. 

All things considered, the TCO for Re-board looks brighter than many of its counterparts. And that’s why Next Printing always suggests you build your displays using Re-board! 

Next Printing means sustainable AND affordable displays! 

Next made a decision some ten years ago to go green wherever possible. Our industry is famed for its carbon footprint, and it was critical for our team to reduce our environmental impact by working with eco-friendly solutions like Re-board displays

We know it isn’t easy persuading your budget holder to release funds for materials that look expensive.  Helping to educate your internal teams on why Re-board makes sense both sustainably AND economically is part of our job. 

Our project managers work with you to understand the brief, campaign objectives, and budget before creating a solution to match – including a full breakdown of the TCO to support internal project discussions.  

It’s all part of helping create a better future for everyone.  

Explore the possibilities with Next Printing 

As Australia’s pioneer in sustainable printing, Next Printing is your contractor of choice for high-quality point-of-sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage. Count on our team for more than an incredible print solution – reliability, exceeding expectations, and delivering in record time every time

If you want support from a versatile provider of eco-friendly digital printing solutions that targets your audience and converts sales, arrange a chat with us today. 

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