Reboard Without Print | Case Study

Pranil Chandra May 2, 2023

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Reboard Without Print | Case Study

Reboard Without Print

The Next Printing name is synonymous with Reboard. We have continued to push the boundaries with this versatile material – the impossible is now a reality. As our customers, many of you have seen how Next Printing use Reboard to create structures that capture the client’s imagination and reduce their carbon footprint.

Next Printing is part of a global network of leading Reboard print and build businesses, who have been able to share ideas to challenge the status quo. We continue to ask ourselves how we can further reduce our environmental impact. Rather than simply spouting trendy eco-centric buzz words, we genuinely want to facilitate positive change.

Our global Reboard partnership has allowed us to introduce concepts that do just that. Reboard without print is one such solution. Unprinted Reboard structures create displays unlike any Australian consumers have seen before, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

CO2e is reduced by eliminating inks, the laminates needed to protect these inks and through the reduction of electricity use – made possible by removing power-hungry print presses.

Below are examples of Reboard structures creating impact in a non-printed form created by our international partner Nordwerk Design. The possibilities are endless.

With experiential retail on the rise, this could be the perfect time to create animals and other structures from Reboard and paperboard substrates.

Driven primarily by their positive environmental impact, electric cars are all the rage. What better way to demonstrate your green credentials than by promoting eco-friendly products with completely biodegradable Reboard structures.

High fashion meets Reboard with an eye-catching display accentuated by the use of lighting.

Create waves by turning your pop-up store into an immersive experience. With every element made from lightweight Reboard you can dramatically reduce your installation cost and time.

Retail window displays never looked so good.

Like clockwork: Reboard offers a quick turnaround time with endless possibilities.

Made for all seasons: Capture the festive mood without the need for print.

Contact us today to discuss possibilities for your brand or those of your customers today.

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