Local Area Marketing Print Services

Template-Driven Collateral for Point of sales(POS) and Local area marketing(LAM) Activity

Customisable content for point-of-sale material provides your marketing campaign with greater flexibility and as such is an ideal solution for Local Area Marketing (LAM) activities.

Our web-based online template builder helps reduce production costs by enabling content to be customised to reflect local branch or region requirements. This also reduces waste through obsolescence, as materials can be printed ‘just in time’ – you create what you need where and when you need it.

This technology reduces the design costs associated with ‘repurposing’ while providing greater control over brand integrity and reproduction. The software tools and system utilise your approved assets such as photos or logos and provide an automated workflow with realtime management and control of all templates.

Advantages of Local Area Marketing(LAM)

Local area marketing for your brand increases local awareness, engagement and reach of your brand

  • Generate customer loyalty and repeat business

  • Improve on, or establish, a positive brand image in the local community

  • Franchisees have a better understanding of their local target market and competitors. This is important to note as national franchisers may have a much broader target market demographic and entirely different competitors, compared to local franchises

  • Campaigns that are tailored to the vast differentials that occur among franchises in different communities. For example:

    • Consider a national cafe franchise - in one community, this cafe might be the Friday afternoon hub for local high school students while in another, it may be a popular date night location for mature couples - pretty hard for a national campaign to cover all bases right? By getting to know your own local community (including factors such as age, popular fields of employment / unemployment and general interests and concerns), the community will get to know your business.