Ben Sherman at Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre | Case Study

Pranil Chandra May 8, 2024

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Ben Sherman at Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre | Case Study

The Brief 

To help celebrate Ben Sherman’s 60th Anniversary, the iconic brand approached Next Printing with a creative concept for a Retail Activation at Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre in late 2023. The main element was set to be a giant ‘Guess Who’ game crafted entirely from Reboard. Particularly exciting was the brand’s willingness to embrace the structure of the material, leaving edges raw and championing a sustainable paper-based approach to signage.  

The Solution

The giant ‘Ben Who’ game celebrated the brands history with ‘flippable’ character panels that encouraged customer interaction. Additional components included a set of oversized lockers and an info standee. All these elements were made solely from Reboard, utilising various cutting techniques to fold, bend and flip the activation into life. Next Printing also produced character cards and grounded the build in its space by printing custom Floor Mat material. 

The Execution 

As many items as possible were pre-built in our Sydney factory to allow for an easier on-site build. These included the large locker unit and the Reboard ‘Box Bases’ that held the character panels. The main challenge came with transporting the oversized pallet down to Melbourne. Luckily seamless co-ordination by Ben Sherman and our experienced team of VIC based installers enabled a smooth out-of-hours installation which remained in-situ for one week.

Project Sustainability in Numbers 

Projects similar to these are usually built with MDF. However, in collaboration with Ben Sherman, Next Printing switched from MDF to Reboard, eliminating 269kg of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This reduction in emissions is comparable to the distance a typical petrol car in Australia travels over 1,160km.

These numbers come from a thorough analysis covering the whole lifecycle, including tree planting, making materials, worldwide shipping, delivering to Next Printing from a warehouse, production emissions using Next Printing’s efficient methods, all transport, recycling, and emissions from landfill disposal.

The Takeaway 

Various images and video footage were shared on Instagram via @benshermanau during the period of the activation. This coverage ran alongside the on-site opportunity to win a $1500 price pack. At the event’s conclusion, all Reboard Elements were broken down and later fully recycled.

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