Case Study - Beauty Beats By Sephora

Pranil Chandra August 13, 2019

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Case Study – Beauty Beats By Sephora

For the first time ever, Sephora opened an exclusive media and influencer only event. At Beauty Beats by Sephora, attendees could preview exciting and upcoming products for 2019. They were also able to attend some amazing master classes!


Sephora and The Make Haus

Beauty Beats Sephora Black & White Stribe Reboard Box




A large display with the faces of Khloe and Malika representing the BECCA Brand, where you can try on their lipstick.

A dimly lit image of Sephora's "Fresh" stand with a few chairs for people to try on their new range of lipstick.

A display of the Sephora Rouge range in a large warehouse with a table and chairs in front of it.

Large white cubical pop-up display made from Re-Board.

Beauty Beats By Sephora

Beauty Beats By Sephora

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