CeraVe with PIM Group | Case Study

Pranil Chandra March 20, 2024

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CeraVe with PIM Group | Case Study

The Challenge 

PIM Group contacted Next Printing in late September 2023 with initial concepts for two large back-to-back activations for CeraVe – their ‘Let Your Skin Take Centre Stage Event’ and the Tik Tok Awards (presented by CeraVe) both taking place in the first week in December. Next’s brief was to create immersive spaces by building various freestanding arches, walls and oversized product bottles, primarily utilising environmentally friendly Reboard, supplemented with other materials such as Foamboard and Floor Mat. The initial Bump-In needed to be completed in a single day, with selected items moving to a second Bump-In location for the Tik Tok Awards three days later.  

The Solution

Sustainable Reboard (both durable and lightweight) was used for the construction of all arches and walls and to build the event’s featured triangular Hydration Station. Other materials such as Foamboard were utilised for the oversized cleanser bottles and profile-cut lettering, with printed Floor Mats adding pops of branded colour throughout the activation space. Reproducing CeraVe’s bright colours digitally in CMYK across all substrates proved challenging, however, this was achieved by printing various colour swatches internally and matching these across all materials.  

Carbon Savings 

Using the sustainability data provided by NEXT Printing, our customers can now take an extra step by creating relatable and persuasive messaging that is concise, easily understandable, and informative. Walls, arches and other elements were crafted from eco-friendly Re-board, aiding us, PIM Group and CeraVe in achieving carbon savings of 1630kgs. This is equivalent to emissions from an average Australian household for 34 days and equals a distance of 7,025 km of car travel.

Examples below show how to communicate these messages to consumers and internally with staff:

The Execution 

With installations booked for the first week of December 2023, design concepts and finished artwork supplied by PIM Group were 3D rendered under a tight deadline by our industrial design team. Next’s Reboard coordinator pre-built many of the custom arches and other items prior to the event to save valuable time on-site. Our experienced installers arranged delivery of all items to site and completed the installation within one day. The ‘Let Your Skin Take Centre Stage Event’ held across several days included expert panels, media opportunities and learning all about CeraVe and skincare routines personalised to skin types and concerns.  Following the subsequent Tik Tok Awards (also presented by CeraVe), some key printed elements were saved and delivered to the client, with the remaining Reboard and other items taken for recycling and disposal.  

The Takeaway 

CeraVe_AUNZ commented on Instagram that it was the first time they had held an immersive event for their community to attend and that it had been a fantastic week topped off by celebrating the best of the best creators at the 2023 TikTok Awards.

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