Qantas with Team Event | Case Study

Pranil Chandra July 12, 2023

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Qantas with Team Event | Case Study

Airport Xmas Activations: Qantas with Team Event

The Brief 

Team event was tasked with providing an impactful & fun Xmas display for Qantas at their main airport lounges Australia wide. This was the first Xmas since the pandemic put a sudden holt to travel around Australia & beyond. The brief was to welcome back the travelling population in SYD, MEL, ADL, PER, in December 2022.

The Solution 

With a short lead time they immediately concluded that Reboard was the only substrate that could be completed within a 2 week turnaround which can then be easily & cost effectively transported to all the major airport lounges across Australia. Reboard being reengineered cardboard, was sent for recycling, a much more sustainable alternative to MDF.  

A combination of 2D multi layered photo moment displays were designed by the team event designers and executed by the Next Printing team of industrial designers & production team. Layered window frames, a sleigh with seats allowed for an activation that invited lounge guests to have some fun with photo ops prior to departing on their journey.  

The Execution 

Working closely with the design team at Team Event our Industrial designer was able to incorporate the supplied graphic elements into our designed walls, other freestanding elements plus special gold foiling and floor graphics. Multilayered displays allowed for lounge guests to stand in front of the reboard backdrops but behind custom elements including clouds, a freestanding Santa as well as a double depth wall with an aperture, neon signs, velvet drapes complimented with a printed floor graphic. 

Xmas display for Qantas at their main airport lounges Australia wide

The Takeaway 

We were able to execute the design, print and build across all three sites within a two week window. By selecting Reboard, Team Event and Qantas were able to divert significant amount of MDF waste from landfill. 

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