Creating a Visual Impact Without Print

Visual impact is, more than ever, sought after in every marketing execution. An effective visual strategy translates to more eyes and ears for sales.  

When creating innovative visual impact without print, you may think of one word: ‘Difficult.’  

But it certainly doesn’t have to be.  

Your business retail display has multiple options for creating a visual impact that expand beyond printing beautiful designs. Some of the most impactful visual designs are completely minimalistic. The success of your retail display will be reflected by how much thought was put into it; the only limitations are your creativity.  

Sometimes, no print says more.  

When creative visions are put in pen and paper, it often ends up in print media form but it sometimes does not translate to catching the attention of your target market. When creating a shop display, your promotions have to stand out without flooding the audience with text.  

Let optimal designs work for you with your market. Extract your vision to an actual space where people can appreciate, visit, and interact with artistic elements. People will appreciate your messages easily, promising both awareness and engagement for your brand.  

Use of Lighting

For example, illuminating only one part of a layered material display gives the impression of depth. Alternatively, the illumination may serve to focus the attention on the subject and imply the shadowed parts of the display are “lesser” in comparison. A shop display can work with lighting as an affordable yet effective design element.

As photographers will tell you, lighting is crucial for capturing the mood of subject. The choice of lighting can catch the viewer’s eye in several ways.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is like the golden hour effect: Your retail display may play with coloured lighting and the reflectiveness of the material instead. The number of shadows used will also serve to give the material a realistic, textured appearance. The effect appeals as an optical illusion of depth through the appearance of tints and shades.  


Angles create a visual impact without print. Like lighting, there are many options for angle optimisation of your retail display.  

One such possibility is giving multiple interpretations of your retail display through opposing angles. For example, using Re-board® material to create a scene with one part of your display viewable from one angle, and so on. Many a shop display have used angles to give distinct elements or add a new way to view their design.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Another example is the use of staging and props. You may choose to elevate your hero product through a unidirectional display, where the viewer cannot reasonably find any other interpretation than the set-up before them. The display may incorporate steps that force the viewer to think of the product as literally elevated.

Next Printing use Reboard Structures

Re-board ®  

Out of all your retail display material options, a Re-board® display has the most minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, Re-board is a superior choice for shop displays due to its reflectiveness; the way the light on the material shimmers draws the viewer’s attention instantaneously.  

In addition to its shimmer factor, Re-board® maintains its structure with surprising efficiency. There are endless options available in terms of buildability. The quality of Re-board® material also ensures that many designs can be done without compromising durability.   

From creating a scene (first picture below) to making a replica of your product in Re-board® (second picture below), Reboard shows how impressive removing printed design can be.  

Mixed Material 

Show your customer base that you think outside the box through implementation of multiple materials in your retail display.

Next Printing use Foam Reboard Structures
Source: The Guardian Office, London 


Foam material gives your shop display a weightiness through its dense appearance. However, foam boards are not really recyclable, so consider the environmental impact of choosing foam. 

Plain Graphic Illustration Origami Product Display
Source: OSM 


Having the opposite effect of foam, paper will lighten the appearance of your retail display. This effect may be desirable if your display aims to play with movement, since paper will be the lightest material available. Also, unlike foam, paper is degradable, meaning it will break down and be recycled easily. 

Next Printing - Acrylics


Acrylic retail displays are excellent for putting the emphasis on display. You may choose to box in your hero product, or to give the impression that your product is premium. Whilst easier to recycle than foam, it is recommended you use acrylics sparingly, since it is a heavy-duty plastic. 

Next Printing Dispa - a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable
Source: Antalis UK 


A close cousin to Re-board® is Dispa, a glossy fibre product that is completely recyclable. The shine Dispa has is more like a plastic cover than Re-board’s reflectiveness, resulting in a different effect when exposed to lighting. 

Bottom Line: Breathe Life to your Display Using Quality Materials 

Next Printing - All creating a visual impact without print.  
Source: Norwick 

The structure of your design can be conceptualised through lighting, angles (or lack thereof!), and types of material used, all creating a visual impact without print.   

The power to transform ideas into art in a specific space relies heavily on the materials’ quality and how they are maximised. Compared to traditional print methods, visual impact can be more flexible nowadays. Displays can benefit from using less or no print to generate more visual impact. The vision needs to be loyal from conceptualisation to execution – and Next Printing creates this experience.    

Collaborate with Next Printing  

  • Pioneers in creative and cost-effective display solutions. 
  • Experts in sustainable visual merchandising. 
  • High-quality versatile point-of-sale displays, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage.  
  • Reliable and delivering in record time.  

As Australia’s pioneer in sustainable printing, Next Printing is the contractor of choice for high-quality point-of-sale marketing, large-scale exhibits, pop-ups, and signage. We pride ourselves in being reliable, exceeding expectations, and delivering in record time. Our success in providing clients with versatile, long-lasting, and eco-friendly digital printing solutions carries over into better outcomes for them and their target audiences.  

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Explore NEXT’s Eco-Friendly Brand Strategies with Data-backed Sustainable Displays

Crafting the Future: Data-Driven Sustainability in the Brand Arena

Modern consumers are making conscious choices when it comes to their purchases, with environmental impact playing a significant role in their decision-making. Consumers values drive corporate responsivity and the growing shift towards sustainability – enter concise and impactful data to support sales efforts. 

A recent study by 5W Public Relations uncovered that:  

percentage of millennials vs baby boomers

Consider it important to buy from brands that align with their values and ideologies.  

Corporate Response to the Sustainability Demand 

As a result, major corporations are increasingly prioritising sustainability in the production process. For example, Unilever now promotes how its palm oil is sustainably sourced, even featuring a picture of the rainforest on products along with the tagline,

Quote for corporate response to sustainability demand

While such marketing initiatives aim to raise awareness about their products and overall business impact on the environment, this doesn’t always translate into sustainable options in events and pop-up builds - critical components of a modern marketing strategy.  

Challenges and Solutions in Sustainable Marketing 

The Challenge of Sustainable Marketing in Events   

One of the challenges facing brands is how to effectively communicate the eco-friendliness of their pop-up stores or activations without detracting from the products or services they are trying to sell or promote. 

The Hidden Environmental Cost of Pop-up Stores    

Businesses often address this issue by focusing on the sustainability benefits of their products or showcasing their corporate initiatives that positively impact the world. All the while, their customers may be completely unaware of how the pop-up stores or activations are far from eco-friendly, with most of the materials used to make them bound for landfills once their event is finished.  

Effective Communication: Key to Promoting Sustainable Choices   

Transparency is key when communicating with consumers, and it’s not only what you say that matters but how you say it. Research conducted by Harvard Business Review has shown that the framing of persuasive messages is crucial. For instance, when consumers buy electronic goods and see the energy efficiency rating, they tend to focus more on the upfront price rather than the future energy savings, despite caring about the environment.  

However, a retail chain successfully increased sales of their energy-efficient products from 12% to 48% by framing the energy savings as a “10-year dollar cost” on each item.  

This approach resonated with consumers by presenting the information in a way they could easily understand – in dollars.  

Percentage of increased sales of their energy efficient products.

Revolutionise Your Sales Strategy: The NEXT Step Towards Environmental Commitment  

Leading the Way in Sustainable Messaging

So, how can Next Printing equip its customers with effective messaging that doesn’t detract from the primary purpose of visiting their pop-up or activation? 

By using factual, evidence-based data about sustainability and presenting it in a consumer-friendly way using messaging that’s:     

To achieve this, Next Printing collaborated extensively with internal and external stakeholders, including experts in environmental studies, to conduct a comprehensive carbon study and life cycle assessment of the materials and production processes. This study analysed emissions at a job level and provided comparisons against more traditional methods of completing a project, along with the associated energy savings. This emissions data can then be converted into clear and simple messaging to use at a pop-up or activation stand – like in these examples:  

Sustainable Sales Strategies: Leveraging Data for Environmental and Business Impact    

Australia is committed to a carbon-zero future – reducing emissions to pre-2005 levels by the end of the decade and achieving net zero status by 2050*.  

Ten years ago, NEXT made the decision to become a business that prioritised sustainability. It’s why eco-friendly solutions using Reboard and other biodegradable materials continue to be our core offering today, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the environment that sets us apart. 

Brands across all sectors are responsible for making a difference to the nation’s collective goal, implementing changes to lower emissions and shrink their carbon footprint. Traditional marketing materials are a great place to start making the switch – critical to the planet and a brand’s image.  

And with millennials more focused on a brand’s values when making purchasing decisions – including their green initiatives – these changes are essential in achieving consumer buy-in.  

NEXT Printing has completed several carbon studies for customers who now use recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes for their displays, producing a ‘cradle to grave’ sustainability comparison between Re-board and MDF based on their real-life marketing events.  

This data provides a comprehensive understanding of the harmful effects of MDF at all stages, including its disposal to landfill post-event – the point at which the material does its most harm. 

By showing the emissions comparison between sustainable materials and MDF, and how these carbon savings equate in the real world – a number of Ks a car travels, or a number of days used by an average household – customers can see clearly how their green initiatives are making a difference. For example, Adobe has seen carbon savings of almost 85% just by choosing Re-board for its marketing displays. And that’s a compelling sustainability story to present to consumers.  

Using the data provided by NEXT Printing to back up their sustainability claims, our customers can now go one step further and produce relatable and persuasive messaging around it that’s concise, digestible and informative – like in these examples:  

Adobe is a global leader in cloud-based software programs its users access by a laptop or PC.  
Their efforts to use eco-friendly materials led to substantial carbon savings and reduced emissions equivalent to 2745.47 km of car travel. 
Valiant is a national furniture and styling specialist for homes, events, and workplace interiors.   
Valiant’s carbon savings amounted to 1158 kg, equivalent to 24.18 days of emissions for an average Australian household.
Xero is a New Zealand–based technology company that provides cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. 
Xerocon achieved a carbon savings of 1,950 kg, which is equivalent to 40.71 days of emissions for an average Australian household.   
The message:  
“This display is made from 100% recyclable Re-board and reduces emissions equivalent to 2745kms of car travel. That’s the same distance as placing 7,204 laptops* side by side from Sydney to Cairns!”  
The message:  
“This stand is made from eco-friendly Re-board and helps us achieve carbon savings of 1158kgs.  
That’s equivalent to 24.18 days of emissions an average Australian household generates.”  
The message:
“Xerocon’s commitment to sustainability shines through in its choice of materials. The stands are crafted from eco-friendly Re-board, helping  achieve a remarkable carbon savings of 1,950 kg which is equivalent to 40.71 days of emissions, the same amount as an average Australian household generates in over a month”

Agency: MCI

Carbon Savings: 637kg in CO2 Emission

Agency: Bastion Experience

Carbon Savings: 1261kg in CO2 Emission

Agency: Priceline

Carbon Savings: 1158kg in CO2 Emission

Agency: Make Haus

Carbon Savings: 1040kg in CO2 Emission

Agency: INVNT

Carbon Savings: 1950kg in CO2 Emission

Agency: PIM Group

Carbon Savings: 1518kg in CO2 Emission

Choosing Impactful Marketing for Retail and Events

Aligning brand values with potential consumers has never been more critical. To win over committed long-term consumers, showing your green side matters – and how you do it matters more!  

NEXT Printing goes beyond sustainable materials and production processes in its event displays, supporting customers with data and creative ideas to convey messages about sustainability convincingly and comprehensively.   

Get started with sustainable printing today. Arrange a chat with our experts. 

*Data taken from the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water website 


Features of the Best Event Display Stands: What Makes Them Stand Out? 

In today’s competitive commercial landscape, creating immersive brand experiences has become crucial for capturing audience attention. Whether it’s a product activation, pop-up store, retail event, or exhibition, the right event display can elevate your brand’s presence and create a truly memorable experience. This is where custom event display stands shine, offering an impactful solution that sets brands apart from the crowd.  

Join us as we dive into the world of custom event display solutions, discussing the key characteristics that make them an essential component of a modern marketing strategy. Whether you’re an event planner, a marketing professional, or a business looking to create immersive brand experiences, we’ll consider features that can lift your pop-up display stands and custom exhibition booths to new heights.  

Bringing Media and Event Designs to Life  

The digital world allows brands to connect with their audience more than ever – yet the physical event display has never been more crucial to brand marketing teams. As businesses strive to connect more frequently with customers using digital platforms alone, they simultaneously lose some of the connection that occurs naturally through physical interaction. And the display stand is not standing for it! 

But event displays are no longer the bland or basic exhibits of old. Combining all kinds of marketing magic with modern methods and technologies, brands can utilise physical and digital elements to create a successful immersive experience beyond the basics. Event displays have become the ultimate canvas for creativity, enabling brands to communicate their message more effectively – and customisation lies at the heart of developing versatile and unique event display structures that align perfectly with a brand’s vision, enticing and immersing potential customers into their world.  

Impactful Examples in Action: Making a Marketing Success Story  

Despite the explosion of digital platforms – social media feeds, in particular – marketing teams aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. Putting your products, logo, colours and identity physically in front of potential customers has long been a necessity, yet you can only describe today’s event display expectations as ‘next level’. And this is happening everywhere: from malls to entrance halls, windows to trade shows! 

Here’s how custom display stands have made a significant impact across the entire events spectrum. 

Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood: W+ Playground with Mark Makers

Retail Events:   

Custom display stands have completely transformed retail events by bringing the immersive component to brand experiences. From interactive installations that allow customers to try products firsthand to visually stunning displays that evoke emotion, these custom solutions elevate the retail experience and drive customer engagement.  

Sephora Show Display

Trade Show Displays:   

In the competitive world of trade shows, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Custom exhibition booths provide a unique opportunity to showcase products and services in an eye-catching and memorable way. Brands that invest in custom displays often attract more attention, generate higher foot traffic, and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.  

Clinique Brand and Product Activations

Brand and Product Activations:   

Brand activations are all about creating a buzz and building brand awareness. Custom event display stands play a key role here by offering a platform for innovative and immersive experiences. Whether it’s a pop-up exhibition display, a product launch event, or an experiential marketing campaign, custom displays enable brands to leave a lasting impression on their target audience.  

There are plenty of real-world examples of custom exhibition display stands that left a lasting impression. Ready to see a few? 

Barbie at Grill'd

Barbie at Grill’d

To coincide with the launch of the Barbie Movie in July 2023, Bastion Experience contacted Next Printing in April 2023 with an extensive brief to comprehensively re-fit Grill’d The Galeries’ Sydney location as Barbie’s Dreamburger Diner. Essentially, burger lovers would be immersed in a pink dreamworld, where they could sit and enjoy pink burgers whilst being surrounded by fun Barbie-inspired ‘instagrammable’ décor.  

Read more

La Roche Posay Serums Activation with Pim Group

La Roche Posay Serums Activation with Pim Group

Pim Group approached Next Printing to create an immersive school room for La Roche Posay Serums using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Next Printing used Reboard, Foamboard, and Floor Mat to create seven unique freestanding pods, each representing a specific type of serum. The project involved considerable color matching and 3D rendering before installation at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club in November. The Serum School Event was a huge success, with attendees enjoying masterclasses, skin exams, serum matching, and gifting. All sustainable materials were recycled or processed after the event, leaving a positive takeaway from this successful activation.

Read more

people talking in xerocon

Xerocon with INVNT

INVNT, a media agency, was tasked with producing the Xerocon 2022 Global Roadshow for Xero. The roadshow took place in London, New Orleans, and Sydney, with INVNT using Reboard, the most eco-friendly solution, to meet Xero’s sustainability goals. Next Printing, a world leader in Reboard projects, was recommended to INVNT and became the international partner for the event, aligning with their own mission to minimize their carbon footprint and encourage clients to do the same.

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Understanding the Synergy Between Innovative Event Design and Immersive Brand Experiences 

So, how are these modern-day immersive event displays crafted? Behind what you see as a finished product lies a dynamic interplay stretching beyond the traditional boundaries of event planning or retail marketing. 

Today’s display stands rely on two key components for success: the design and the brand experience. The objective of the design is to create a unique and memorable display that people are attracted towards, which the brand can then connect with its audience at a deeper, personal level. When the two come together, they form a powerful alliance that positively immerses and impacts the audience. 

Think of the design as the canvas upon which the brand experience comes to life. Using creative and thoughtful layouts, interactive installations and cutting-edge technologies, a display stand becomes a platform to amplify the brand’s story, a multi-sensory journey that captivates the audience so much that they become fully immersed in the brand. This type of engagement is so powerful that it leaves a lasting impression long after the experience has ended. And lasting impressions can quickly lead to brand loyalty – which is the ultimate aim for any marketer, sales maker, or business owner. 

Incorporating Interactivity for Increased Engagement 

Let’s look a little closer at one of the four features – and perhaps the most critical – of today’s display stands: interactivity. Of course, many brands have embraced technical tools to up the ante, integrating them into their event display solutions to increase engagement. If you are an event planner or designer and still exploring how best to do so – and within your all-important event budget – here are some tips on tools to consider using as part of your next custom event display. 

  • Gamification: Introducing interactive games or challenges that encourage attendees to participate and win prizes is highly effective in increasing engagement and creating a memorable and enjoyable experience. While you can use digitised games, it’s not compulsory – sometimes traditional materials and methods are equally attractive to consumers, particularly if ‘natural’ resonates with your brand. 
  • Digital Integration: For those who prefer a technical element, you can seamlessly integrate digital technologies into event displays and achieve fantastic results with event footfall. Tools like touchscreens, virtual reality experiences, or QR code activations that provide additional information or exclusive offers guarantee interaction and, ultimately, consumer engagement. 

Future Trends in Event Display Solutions 

One thing is certain; technology will continue to evolve. As it does, event display solutions will do likewise, driving our sector to even greater heights than we can imagine today. Rather than being the party latecomer (or worse, an outright pooper), staying ahead of the curve will become essential, reflecting your versatility as a brand to move with the times. And don’t let having a mature customer demographic fool you into thinking tech can stay in its box! 

  • Augmented Reality (AR): AR technology allows brands to overlay digital content onto the real world, creating interactive and immersive experiences. Custom event display stands can incorporate AR elements to provide a unique and captivating experience for attendees.  
  • Personalisation: Tailoring event displays to individual preferences is gaining huge momentum. By leveraging data and audience insights, brands can create personalised experiences that resonate with attendees on a much deeper level.  

Final Words 

At Next Printing, we understand the importance of custom event display solutions in creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences. Through design flexibility, interactivity, and brand consistency, our custom event display stands enable brands to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact.  

From pop-up exhibition display stands to trade show booths, our team of experts is here to bring your creative vision to life. Contact us today to explore how our custom event display solutions can elevate your brand presence and deliver exceptional results.  

Let’s talk Immersive Event Displays

Valentine’s Day Window Display Ideas For Your Retail Business

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to create some inspiring displays that will amaze your clients, increase foot-traffic and boost sales. Whether you’re promoting an exclusive product or simply want to be noticed this February 14, many customers will be asking themselves the same question: how do we celebrate this special day? And it’s your task to provide the inspiration they crave! 

Creating an appealing and engaging store display that showcases your products and offers a unique shopping experience is essential to make the most of this holiday. It’s up to brands to build some buzz and invite them into an experience!  

Giving customers a creative offering within a limited timeframe always instills a sense of FOMO that they can’t resist – be it in a retail space, at sector exhibitions or events.  From Valentine’s Day window displays to store interiors and pop-up stalls, you have plenty of opportunities to pour bags of romanticism into your marketing as you approach February 14. It’s time to pay homage to the biggest sweetheart ever, St Valentine, and shower your customers in love! 

So, where do you start? Here are a few Valentines retail display ideas to tickle your fancy.

Store Interiors

In-store Valentine displays give your spaces a festive and romantic atmosphere, increasing foot traffic and opportunistic customers. From demarcate zones to Valentines vignettes, using themes like a romantic picnic or a candlelit dinner is an effective way to showcase products, while offering inspiration to Valentine’s Day shoppers and helping them easily find what they’re looking for. What’s more, it creates a memorable story in their mind so that YOU remain a constant in their consideration set. 

From signage to display stands for products, various materials can help you create a festive atmosphere and draw customers’ attention to specific store areas or products. But which materials are best to use? 


Fabric banners or fabric backlit displays are a great place to start when decorating store interiors. There’s just something about the look, feel and luxuriousness of fabric that adds a whole new dimension to the experience – and luxury goes particularly well with romance! 

Besides banners, pink, red and white fabrics in drapes or layers provide texture to a store display. Using lace and ribbon can provide extra romanticism, along with fabric hearts and flowers to finish the love-drenched look. 

Tip: When it comes to placement, don’t forget to focus on the store layout when considering ‘where’ to place your eye-catching fabric display to ensure maximum numbers get to witness your masterpiece. 


For something strong, durable and flexible, why not consider a Re-board display.  

A sustainable alternative to traditional MDF, Re-board comes with an engineered fluted core which allows you to cut it into practically any shape you want without losing its stability. It is also one of the most versatile raw materials for large format printing – add whatever print you like to this strong material, in whatever coloours, and it will take it on board! 

That said, Re-board is equally impressive when left unprinted, using only shapes and lighting to emphasise contours and shadows. Who said suspended heart-shapes need to be red?! 

100% recyclable – containing zero toxic chemicals and water-based adhesives – Re-board is the ideal ‘green’ choice for Valentines displays and their limited lifespan. 

Window Display

A visually stunning and alluring Valentines window display can draw customers in like a moth to a flame, creating a ‘love at first sight’ type of attraction and setting the tone for a truly romantic shopping experience.  

Again, your choice of materials matters here – as does the quality, significantly influencing the colours or shapes of your overall look and helping you achieve a jaw-dropping piece. With window displays, we recommend playing to your imagination with a ‘mix and match’ approach to materials, combining Re-board with fabrics or even paper.  

Remember, a unique window display can make a lasting impression on customers that will keep them returning for more, long after an event is over. So, for optimum brand visibility and long-term loyalty, let your window displays do the talking this Valentine’s Day and watch your store kick-start a love affair that no shopper wants to break off! 

Temporary Pop-Up Stalls and Events:

Temporary pop-up stalls and events go hand-in-hand and can effectively increase footfall and sales during the approach to Valentine’s Day. It provides additional space that can be used to showcase your products and positioned in high-traffic areas, such as a kiosk spot in a busy shopping mall, offering increased product visibility and attracting customers. 

Using Re-board for the Valentine’s Day-themed pop-up stall is always a great base to begin creating a positive and memorable shopping experience for customers. It can easily be printed on with graphics and decorated to fit with the brand while being an attractive and cost-effective solution to increase sales during the Valentines season – and all this without having to commit to a long-term retail space. 

To ensure the success of pop-up events, it’s crucial to:  

choose a location that’s easily accessible and visible 

display products in an attractive and accessible way 

staff the stalls with friendly and knowledgeable sales associates 

utilize digital marketing to promote the events  

Department Store Stalls

Large department stores are packed with well-known brands, all with a permanent place to showcase their merchandise. Stalls present a cost-effective opportunity for smaller retailers, brands, or businesses to do similar and reach a broader customer base – and they are a great way to drive sales during Valentine’s week.  

The good news is lesser-known brands don’t have to blow the budget when creating an incredible Valentines display. Re-board, fabric and paper are all affordable materials to create innovative stall designs and attract crowds to look at the products on show. Lure them towards a love-drenched stall and once there, give them every reason to fall head over heels! 

Final Words 

Valentine’s Day is an important day for retailers and businesses. They can increase sales by using creative store displays, pop-up events, department store stalls, and custom design and printing. So how will your brand create some magic next Valentines Day? 

At Next Printing, we offer custom design and printing services to help create out of the box experiential retail displays that help brands differentiate themselves from the competition, offering customers a unique shopping experience they will love. 

Chat to one of our project experts today to learn more about how your vision can be brought to life and explore the endless possibilities that experiential retail can create.

Everything You Need to Know About Re-board

It’s become a favourite in the experience retail marketing space, but what makes Re-board® material our number one choice for displays? 

If you have heard about Re-board and wondering what all the fuss is about, read on! Today, we’re peeling back the layers and getting to the heart of Re-board®. 

Let’s Talk Re-board®

What is Re-board®?

Many event planners and marketers nowadays know all about Re-board®. Yet for those unfamiliar with this material, prepare to learn why it has become something of a crowd favourite in the world of events, pop-up stores and marketing displays – so much so it’s one of our most asked-about items at Next. 

So, what is Re-board®? In a nutshell, Re-board® is a flexible and lightweight paper-based material used in retail marketing displays. Made from versatile rigid paperboard, Re-board® has an engineered fluted core at its centre to make it strong and robust. It looks and works similarly to MDF, yet because it’s made from multiple layers of paper, it is much lighter and more adaptable to work with. Once produced, Re-board® is primed and ready for digital printing, the perfect host for almost any imaginable design.

Why Choose Re-board® for Retail Marketing and Events Displays 

Sustainable – in every way 

Flexible, lightweight and print-friendly – sounds too good to be true, right? Yet perhaps the best reason to create Re-board® displays is that it’s 100% recyclable. Not only that, but it’s one of the most sustainable materials available on the market globally

Its production includes an Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) process, meaning the wood pulp remains unbleached. It also uses water-based adhesive to bond the paper layers together. This reduction in artificial elements makes Re-board® fully recyclable, so you needn’t be concerned about how to dispose of it safely when it’s done its job. In fact, you’ll sleep better knowing it will go through the recycling process into future jobs!  

No wonder brands with a green agenda – which is just about any company nowadays – have taken to using Re-board® like a duck to water. Whether you’re creating a trade show display, a temporary pop-up or a piece of permanently fixed wall art, use sustainable inks for your Re-board® printing, and you’ve ticked off just about every green box possible. 

You can do ANYTHING with Re-board®! 

If you work in the brand creative space, you’ll appreciate the necessity to keep upping the ante each time you’re tasked with a product promotion, tradeshow or event. Ideas are just one piece of the puzzle – once conjured, you need to feel confident about bringing them to life! And this takes having materials you can trust.   

Re-board® is one incredible material you can contour, colour, shape and size however you like. Cut it into tiny hanging snowflakes for a winter-themed display – or curve into a giant-sized ski slope! Recreate a crowd of people, a city skyline or a mountain range backdrop for your exhibition piece. Make a stairway to the stars with your showcase product sitting at the top. Re-board® can support the centrepiece or BE the centrepiece – use it your way (which is pretty much any way you choose!). 

Printable AND Practical! 

Once it comes off a production line, Re-board® material is finished with a primer so it’s ready for printing. This final reflective surface makes the material so susceptible to print – and a superior print at that! Not that you have to print onto Re-board; it still looks equally high quality when left as a blank canvas and curated into some of those mesmerising shapes already mentioned. 

Whether you leave yours unprinted or transform your Re-board® into a multi-coloured marketing masterpiece, it’s great knowing your display will be simple to transport thanks to being one of the lightest materials around. And when it arrives at its destination – exhibition, retail outlet or shop window – it could not be easier to assemble, taking very little time to put together and begin enticing those passers-by! Once your event finishes, Re-board® packs away flat – great for any brand wanting to store away their display for future events.  

Is Re-board® the same as MDF? 

Re-board® and MDF – or Medium Density Fibreboard – are entirely different materials. They might look the same at first glance, but the similarity ends here. 

MDF has long been used for retail, tradeshows, exhibitions and events. Nowadays, Re-board® presents a more suitable option for the following reasons: 

First, there’s Sustainability and Longevity.  

Unlike MDF, Re-board® material is 100% recyclable in the normal waste paper stream, making it an eco-friendly solution. Because it’s lightweight, it also takes less effort to transport, lowering the carbon footprint significantly compared to MDF.   

If you want to use your Re-board® creation at numerous events, it’s strong enough to do so – just like MDF. Yet when you’re ready to retire your masterpiece completely, your local recycling facility will be more than happy to take it away for disposal. Thanks to its many chemicals, this isn’t quite so simple a process with MDF.  

Secondly, there’s the Speed and ease of installation.  

If you’re like most of our clients, you will operate in a fast-paced environment with quick production and limited installation windows. Try putting MDF next to Re-board®, and it just can’t compete. 

Because Re-board® is a lightweight material, it’s easy to assemble without the need for specialist skills and drills. Typically, Re-board® can be moved and set up by a single person rather than an entire team. It also packs down easily, ready to transport and store away should you want to repurpose your display at a future event. 

Finally, there’s the Cost. 

And this surprises most of our clients using Re-board® for the first time. Quite often, producing a Re-board® installation costs as much as 50% less than MDF. 

The display itself may appear cheaper using MDF, but when you factor in all components – ease of transport, installation, storage and disposal costs – Re-board® often presents a more cost-effective solution.

Planning your Event: Key Considerations When Choosing if Re-board® is Right for You 

Lots of our NEXT clients love working with Re-board® because it’s durable, versatile, lightweight, printable and eco-friendly. When you are next planning an in-store point-of-sale display, pop-up activation or exhibition piece, consider these points to see if Re-board® is right for your project. 

Design: Do you need to cut or create shapes with your material? 

Print: Is printing onto your material essential to the finished piece? 

Ease of Assembly / Portability: Is your display time-critical?  

Extra Features: Does your display require any lighting? 

Brand goals: Do you have a green agenda? Does sustainable printing matter to you? 

Venue & Size of Display: Are you working in a confined space? 

Longevity of the display: Is your display running for more than a week? Will it be used at multiple events? 

Objective: Is the material your key focal piece? 

If the answer to some or most of the points above is yes, then it’s likely Re-board® is the most suitable material. To be sure, we recommend you talk to our team – while Re-board® is our most requested material, we have many others available, too! Tell us more about your project, and we’ll help match a material to take your event piece to another level. 

Let’s Talk Re-board®

Do you want to create eco-friendly, immersive displays that deliver on sustainability and sales? 

Arrange a chat with NEXT Printing about how we can take your displays to a new level, winning business while winning the war against waste.  

Let’s Talk Re-board®

Endless Possibilities with Paper: Crafting Sustainable Floral Displays

paper floral displays
Concept Art by NEXT Printing

Using flowers and foliage to dress a display or take the lead as a centrepiece always looks impressive. Not a new concept, designers have long since known how using natural greenery is an effective way to achieve a genuine vibe for their window or tabletop display. 

Yet as beautiful as they are, flowers are messy to work with and have such a short life span, difficult to use in displays designed for the long haul. Likely, this is where good old plastic foliage originally stepped in to help with a solution that would easily last for the duration of a display. Last, it would – so much so that disposing of it became the next issue. And in a world becoming ever-more eco-conscious, plastic purely for aesthetics will not win the war. 

Thank heavens for paper! 

Today’s article looks at innovative, environmentally friendly, artistic paper installations and how they are revolutionising displays – including a particular favourite of ours, where team NEXT became ensconced in a fantasy of floral finesse. Read on! 

Let’s Talk Paper Displays

Eco-Friendly Floral Displays 

Paper has to be one of the most incredulous inventions ever – what would we do without the stuff? A display designer’s dream, surely, ready to turn itself into just about anything, in any shape, size or colour. It lasts, and when we are all ready to part with it, disposing of paper could not be easier. 

It’s no wonder plants have become a piece to master using paper. A way to create stunning displays that look real without the mess of a living organism that quickly deteriorates to matter. Of course, fabric flowers have done their best to imitate natural foliage, yet they simply cannot match paper when it comes to being green-friendly and come with recycling issues. Time to leave the fabric carnations for suit jacket button-holes and make way for eco-conscious floral arrangements using paper! 

Look around the world – as we creative types admit to regularly doing for next-big-thing kinds of inspo – and you’ll find lots of wonderful ways with paper. Certainly, paper turned into foliage is quite the done thing for retail displays and has been for some time. And you can expect jaw-dropping results, too – see what Belgian company Mio achieved with their giant flower installation for customer Purobia Cosmetics.

Eco-Friendly Floral Displays

Turning Plastic into Paper: Environmentally Sustainable Decor  

Back in planet Australia, more brands want to approach their displays similarly using fake foliage produced sustainably to meet their eco commitments.  

Our customer, the highly awarded spirits distiller Archie Rose, recently became the latest to join the party and choose sustainable paper flowers for their installations. Having only worked with fabric flowers before, they needed support from a team of creative experts with a background in sustainable and immersive activations using paper – and the team at NEXT was only too keen to connect the dots! 

Conceptualising the Big Paper Installation

The Birth of the Concept 

 The marketing team at Archie Rose had long been using fake foliage in their displays. During PRIDE week, they intended to use plastic and silk-based flowers as part of their campaign but found themselves limited in colours and shape. More importantly, both plastic and silk are harmful to our environment, which no longer aligns with their values – not to mention the ethical dilemma of silk production and the thousands of silkworms harmed in the process. Paper flowers provided the solution for more choice of colours and shapes, and as a recyclable material, it would give the customer’s eco-friendly values a huge boost. 

Two Winning Teams Ideating 

Together, our creative teams began brainstorming the paper installation.  

While the flower theme remained intact, each would be produced from paper instead of fabric. Having worked extensively with paper over the years, NEXT suggested using high-quality craft paper for optimum choice in colours and a flexible yet durable material. Rather than replicate real flowers, these would be more striking, larger than standard flowers and with longer, accentuated leaves and petals to make a statement. The colours would come from the brand palate and additional shades inspired by the PRIDE campaign theme. 

At its end of life, the flowers would go through regular waste paper recycling streams. 

The Artists Behind the Craft 

With the installation concept nailed, it was time for the talented artists from NEXT Printing to work their magic! Applying their extensive knowledge and expertise in paper artistry – not to mention their passion for creating incredible and immersive artwork – the team designed each unique flower that would feature in the customer’s eco-friendly floral display. Like Archie Rose, the artists from NEXT are dedicated to sustainability and were able to keep the customer’s green objectives in mind throughout the project. 

Crafting Each Paper Flower 

 Crafting paper flowers is an intricate process and involves incredible creativity, patience and attention to detail. Of course, before any crafting begins comes the paper, coating and colour selection. Our artists chose to work with Colorplan by G F Smith, a high-quality uncoated crafting paper produced in the UK and available in fifty-five colours. By selecting the right colours, the team also eliminated the need for printing – resulting in another energy-saving opportunity. 

To ensure the success of each paper flower, the pattern was drawn onto paper and then cut by hand, glued and shaped using a curling rod. Once the concept was approved, all the paper was cut on our automatic cutting table to ensure precision and speed. The flowers were then hand-glued onto black Re-board®, ensuring each component used in the production process was a paper-based, environmentally friendly product. 

The Eco-Friendly Advantage 

Without question, using paper for their installation allowed Archie Rose to go above and beyond the limitations of fabric flowers they had grown accustomed to. With an abundance of colour and creativity at their fingertips, their marketing team had the power to achieve an installation greater and greener than previous ones. 

The real success of this concept piece lies in the sustainability. The environmental benefits of using paper over fabric flowers – reduced waste, biodegradability and recyclability – allow brands like Archie Rose to meet their commitment to sustainability without compromising on creativity. 

Paper: The Future of Sustainable Floral Displays? 

As you can see, the potential of paper installations in retail displays, pop-up activations and exhibitions is enormous – not only in the floral industry but at any type of event in any sector where creative teams want to use flowers as a centrepiece or supporting décor.  

As a concept art piece, the collaboration between Archie Rose and NEXT Printing highlights the possibilities with paper and immersive pop-up activations. This eco-friendly, customisable and flexible material makes striking floral displays with less rigidity and more sustainability than fabric, offering endless possibilities for unique and eco-conscious designs.  

Now is the time for brands to complete the transformation from plastic to paper. Are you ready?

Do you want to make your move towards eco-friendly, immersive displays that deliver sustainability and sales results?  

Arrange a chat with the NEXT Printing paper artists about how we can take your displays to a new level, using handcrafted paper designs to win business while winning the war against waste.  

Let’s Talk Paper Displays

Guide to the Best Eco-Friendly Material Alternatives for Signs and Displays

When it comes to brand activation, every last inch of your display matters if you want to maximise its potential for success. That includes what your audience can’t see as much as what they can.

Once you’ve enticed a potential customer base with a jaw-dropping display, don’t think they won’t go digging deeper to discover more about you – your backstory, values, and ethics. Your brand’s commitment to the planet has never mattered more, and to be truly green, it needs to run deep. 

Nowadays, numerous sustainable materials are on the market to help create captivating, fully immersive retail experiences for your audience. Today’s article considers the best eco-conscious options to produce retail displays that don’t cost the earth. 

Let’s Talk Eco-Friendly Materials

Best Materials for Displays: How it Started 

Not too long ago, methods for mesmerising your target audience at retail events and exhibitions were extremely different. For starters, there was no digital means to spread the word about your brand. Everything was physical – and materials like card, foam board, plastic and MDF were the only affordable options for creating display stands. 

But times have changed. Today’s mantra for the eco-conscious brand is less about affordability and more about sustainability. In other words, your communications should not cost the earth. 

While technology has become more prominent in marketing, the need for a physical aspect continues to dominate. Yes, the QR code is incredibly useful to connect with your audience quickly – yet consumers are looking for something more immersive than a screen alone can offer. They want something tangible – something real to tap into. An engaging experience that hooks and holds their attention. And if you’re not hitting the mark with potential spenders, well, you can guess the rest… 

Best Materials for Displays: How it’s Going 

The trouble with most materials used historically for event displays is their lack of sustainability. Card is about the only one that’s recyclable – and even then, it depends on how it’s been treated (with glues, inks and the like not so sustainable).

That’s why professionals working in the experience retail and events space have fallen for Re-board displays in a huge way. As a 100% recyclable and highly sustainable material, Re-board aligns perfectly with most company values and green initiatives, making it one of the most popular materials used in marketing today. 

And how good that it delivers plenty more benefits besides being eco-friendly! 


With layers of card wrapped around a fluted core, Re-board is an incredibly strong material with a long lifespan, making it the perfect material for displays destined for multiple outings. 


Despite its strength, Re-board material is extremely versatile, easy to cut, contour and shape into all kinds of structures – in other words, a creative designer’s dream! Think of a concept, and Re-board can likely bring it to life. 


Because it’s paper-based, Re-board is light to carry, making it easy to assemble/pack down, transport and store – usually requiring one or two pairs of hands maximum. 


Re-board is finished with a primer, so it can easily take high-quality digital printing. Whatever you want to print – images, text or both – Re-board printing guarantees full colour and vibrancy. 


While the cost per metre appears expensive, this negates telling the entire story. Factor in the multiple benefits of Re-board displays, like their versatility, longevity and portability, and you have an attractive TCO that competes against historical ‘low cost’ options. 

Eco-friendly Materials: The Best-of-the-Rest 

Considering all it has to offer, it’s no surprise Re-board has taken off in a big way. Clients love it, and so do we, most of all because it’s among the most sustainable materials around and best-in-class for creating immersive pop-up stores, point-of-sale displays, signs and exhibition stands. 

Yet several other materials are available that perform a similar job, and just like your customers, you will appreciate having a choice! Let’s take a look at some other eco-friendly solutions and see how Next rates them against Re-board. 

Xanita® Board 

This product has been around for some time now. Made from recycled paper and sugar cane fibres, it ticks off the eco-strategy box for many brands. The result is a durable board similar to Re-board, it’s extremely flexible and great for cutting and contouring into all manner of designs.

Xanita® Board Pros: eco-firendly (FSC-certified virgin kraft core), high degree of water-resistance to the board when used in refrigerated display settings and strong. 

Xanita® Board Cons: costly to buy, and may require specialist tools for cutting and shaping. 

Great for: Brand activations, pop-up stores, POS displays, customised creative marketing. 

NEXT Best-of-the-Rest Rating: 4 green stars

Falcon Board 

Another product made from recyclables, Falcon Board, has become an eco-friendly favourite of many display designers. It has a unique honeycomb core at its centre to provide strength – yet this doesn’t appear as strong as Re-board; hence, it remains better suited to flat sheet digital printing than creating 3D structures. 

Falcon Board Pros: recyclable, lightweight, strong, printable. 

Falcon Board Cons: lacks in water resistance – not suitable to use outdoors. Can require additional reinforcement for heavy loads. 

Great for: Large format printing, wall art, 2D displays 

NEXT Best-of-the-Rest Rating: 3 stars


This is a relatively new product on the market and making plenty of noise, too. Swedboard is produced in Sweden from premium paper, so it’s a recyclable material. A smooth finish, high-quality aesthetics and durability make this the preference for luxury brands creating top-end displays and packaging. It also handles printing exceptionally well.

SwedBoard Pros: Smooth, rigid, luxurious in appearance and great for digital printing. 

SwedBoard Cons: Expensive, limited moisture resistance and often difficult to source. 

Great for: High-end exhibition displays, luxury retail experiences, packaging 

NEXT Best-of-the-Rest Rating: 2 stars

Tiger Board 

Tiger Board is a type of particle board similar to MDF but with a lower density. Made from wood shavings, many assume it is eco-friendly, yet the adhesives and manufacturing processes used in its assembly mean it cannot be recycled. As a material for display stands, It can be v-notched into many shapes, although none of any significant size or complexity. 

Tiger Board Pros: Cost-effective solution, durable and versatile. 

Tiger Board Cons: Emits formaldehyde (toxins) if not sealed correctly. Difficult to recycle in normal waste streams.

Great for: Basic structures, retail displays, wood-style furnishings 

NEXT Best-of-the-Rest Rating: 2 stars 

If eco-friendly solutions matter to your brand marketing creations, arrange a chat with our team.

NEXT Printing helps clients to produce immersive displays that deliver on sustainability, helping you win the war on waste and win new customers. 

Ready to learn more? 

Let’s Talk Re-board®

Unveiling Captivating Christmas Display Ideas for Retail Stores and Experience Marketing

‘Tis almost the season to dazzle and delight! Christmas! 

As the end of the calendar year draws closer, most of us begin turning our attention to a time of joy and celebration. It’s also a prime opportunity for many businesses to create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers and prospects.  

In the world of retail and experience marketing, captivating Christmas displays have become a powerful tool for driving sales, enhancing brand awareness, and creating memorable visual experiences. And it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas displays – indeed, by the latter stages of the Aussie winter, it’s an absolute must if you want to make the most of yuletide to tell your story.  

To inspire and excite you, here is our carefully curated collection of captivating Christmas store display ideas tailored to the Australian palate. Get ready to unleash your creativity and make this Christmas one your customers won’t forget! 

Let’s Talk Christmas Displays 

What Makes a Cracking Christmas Display? 

As most retailers will attest to, if you want your Christmas shop display to stay clear of Santa’s naughty list and top of the consumer’s nice list, there are a few fundamentals to consider before you get your design team involved: 

  • Theme
  • Materials
  • Budget
  • Planning 

Let’s dive deeper!

Theme: Australian Christmas Trends  

All great Christmas retail displays start with a theme – and what better one than ‘Strayan Summer? It’s true that Christmas down under has its own unique flavor thanks to its arrival smack-bang in the middle of hot season. With scorching summers and radiant sunshine, the warm Christmas aesthetic and ‘Winter in the Summer’ themes have certainly gained popularity in recent years.  

Many Australian retailers nowadays opt for a modern, minimalist approach to their Christmas displays, combining the joyous spirit of the season with a touch of contemporary elegance to please the passers’ by. Sun is definitely in – with a hint of sparkle! 

Captivating Christmas Display Ideas 

There are countless clever ways to create stunning displays aligned with the Australian Christmas spirit. Let’s look at a few exciting display trends and inspirations! 

  • The Enchanted Forest: Transport your customers into a magical realm with an enchanting forest-themed display. Use Re-board® materials to create life-sized trees adorned with twinkling lights and delicate ornaments. Add a touch of nature with faux snow and woodland creatures, evoking a sense of wonder and whimsy.  
  • Festive Window Displays: Capture the attention of passers’ by with eye-catching window displays. Incorporate Re-board® elements, such as oversized gift boxes or festive cutouts, to create a visually striking scene. Combine warm lighting, sparkling decorations, and enticing product displays to enthral shoppers and beckon them into your store.  
  • The Joyful Beach: Embrace the Australian summer vibes by transforming your display into a coastal paradise! Use Re-board® to construct palm trees, surfboards, and beach accessories, with playful touches like Santa in board shorts and sunglass-adorned reindeer to add humour and charm.  
  • The Interactive Wonderland: Engage your customers with an interactive Christmas display. Create Re-board® installations where visitors can leave messages or take memorable photos. Incorporate augmented reality (AR) elements to bring characters and scenes to life, providing an immersive experience that sparks joy and encourages social sharing.  

Materials: Re-board® Displays 

When it comes to creating captivating Christmas displays and bringing your vision to life, your choice of materials is crucial. One that stands out for its versatility and eco-friendliness is Re-board®. Made from recycled paper, Re-board® is sturdy, lightweight, and provides endless possibilities for creativity. Whether you’re envisioning a grand Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland, Re-board® is an ideal choice and incorporates seamlessly into your display, whatever the theme. 

Did you know NEXT has Santa sacks-full of expertise in Re-board® printing? Coupled with our commitment to sustainability, the team is tickled pink when tasked with transforming Christmas ideas into mesmerizing marketing realities! 

Let’s Talk Christmas Displays 


Tough as it is, no marketing team can ignore project costs. Budget plays a significant role in your final Christmas shop display – and the good news is, creating elaborate and immersive displays doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to create cost-effective immersive displays that deliver maximum impact while staying cost-effective. For starters, including products in a display significantly cuts the cost by using items you already have to hand. It’s what you create around the product that eats into the budget – and a display can still look a million bucks even when you opt for something minimal. Partner up creative with resourceful and go captivate your audience!   

Are your coffers a little on the small-side this yuletide? NEXT knows a trick or two about creating jaw-dropping displays on any budget. 

Let’s Talk Christmas Displays 

Planning: Holiday-themed Campaigns  

It’s the secret sauce when it comes to bespoke holiday-themed campaigns. More than a sauce, in fact, planning is critical to executing a successful campaign with an impact. 

Start with your logistical considerations – like the space you’re working with. Is it a large shop window or a small in-store display? How do you access it? Do you have natural lighting? All these factors will help steer your design based on the blank canvas you’re working with.  

Next, think about what’s in your dress-up box. Do you have existing assets from other displays you can repurpose? Re-using what you can from Christmas’s past will save money and prevent waste – throw in some ‘new’, and your display will look entirely different.  

Timing is critical for Christmas campaigns. Make sure your planning factors in ample time to run your display well ahead of the festive season, building in the design, production and installation.  

Don’t miss the boat – start planning for your Christmas display today! NEXT can help with everything from ideas to install, completing all the high-quality printing in between! 

Let’s Talk Christmas Displays 

Captivating Christmas Display Case Studies  

Now you’ve given some thought to this year’s Christmas display, are you ready for insight and inspiration from some real-world examples? Here are two case studies that showcase the power of captivating Christmas displays! 

Qantas Christmas Display

Explore how we partnered with Qantas to create a traditional “Christmas Theme” display that captivated travellers and brought the festive spirit to the airport. 

Read More

A large dimly lit winter wonderland Re-Board display filled with cardboard trees.

Winter Wonderland with Nordwerk

Discover the collaboration between Next Printing and our partners Nordwerk, where we transformed a retail space into a mesmerizing Winter Wonderland that immersed visitors in a magical snowy experience.  

Read More

Final words… 

As the holiday season approaches, now is the time to start planning your captivating Christmas displays.  

Think about your available space, budget, and logistical considerations before you begin planning your Christmas display. Consider a Re-board® display if you want something creative, cost and environmentally-conscious. If you’re stuck on ideas for a theme, reach out to our team. Experts in creating custom-built immersive experiences, we can help bring your Christmas display vision to life and make this holiday season unforgettable.  

Ready to transform your Christmas displays into works of art? Contact our team of experts today to discuss your bespoke holiday-themed campaign!  

Let’s Talk Christmas Displays

RICE Expo with Reboard Technologies | Case Study

The Brief 

With leading brands from around the world attending The Retail Innovation Conference and Expo (RICE), Re-board Technologies, as a featured exhibitor, aimed to create a dynamic stand that showcased the full potential of re-board. As the global leader in all things Reboard, Next Printing was selected by Reboard Technologies in Sweden to design a stand that would captivate marketeers from renowned global brands like Nike, Amazon, Puma, Coach, and Google.

The brief from Reboard Technologies was simple: Next Printing had to design a structure that sat comfortably within a six by six metre footprint, made entirely from Reboard. The purpose, to demonstrate Reboards strength with self-supporting structures, walkthrough arches, cantilevered beams and enclosed spaces. Additionally, the stand required a “lighthouse” moment to sit above the sight lines of the surrounding stands and draw customers in. This was achieved with a substantial structure balanced atop the main structure to showcase Reboard’s weight-bearing capabilities.

Top View

The Result

The final result was truly impressive. From small stackable cubes on the floor (strong enough to be stood on), a POP stand, bar area, to large self-supporting structures made completely from Reboard, the stand featured walkthrough arches and Reboard-made beams that resembled timber. The showstopper was an enormous two by three metre cube, weighing 160 kilograms, constructed entirely from Reboard and placed on top of the base walk-through Reboard structure. This highlighted its remarkable ability to bear extreme weight for extended periods.

Eye Level View

The Takeaways

The end solution was a resounding success. Re-board took centre stage, and Reboard Technologies secured a long-term partner for future Reboard production in the North American region. Moreover, every single sheet of Reboard used, amounting to over 112 sheets (1600×2200), was recycled through the normal waste paper stream, leaving nothing to go to landfill. 

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