5 Ways to Create Immersive Pop-Up Displays

Pranil Chandra April 14, 2024

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5 Ways to Create Immersive Pop-Up Displays

Do you want to create an immersive experience for your exhibition, event or shop-front to engage customers directly with your brand? 

Meet the cool kid in town: the Pop-Up Display. And what a stir it’s causing! 

Today, we’re getting up close and cosy with this interactive brand booster, exploring what a pop-up display is, why it’s the leading option for brand immersion and how to create your own incredible pop-ups. 

What is a Pop-Up Display – and Why Create One? 

Many of you will know all about the pop-up display and its incredible superpower, drawing in potential customers physically to connect, engage and interact.   

For those who don’t know… Pop-up shop displays are all the rage when it comes to brand activation. But what’s up with the pop-up experience? Well, here’s why.

In today’s fast-moving world, consumers are overloaded with buying options, many of which are flashed under their noses digitally at hyper-speed.  

Brands have learned one of the best ways to connect with their audience is through physical interaction. It makes for an immediate, deeper and more meaningful connection that sticks in the consumer’s memory for longer. And, in time, these connections are more likely to become sales.  

Maybe you want to tell the world about your new shiny product or test a space in a shopping mall for size. Perhaps you want to increase traffic on your social platforms.   There are many pop up shop display ideas and possibilities that you can do.

Whatever your brand activation goals, a pop-up shop display will help you to achieve yours quickly. 

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Creating Pop-Up Displays 

Pop-ups do what they say on the tin – they ‘pop up’, pull in a crowd and disappear again. And that’s OK; fundamentally, they are designed to create a buzz about a brand and its product or service quickly. A marketing sniper, if you will. 

While a pop-up shop display is never permanent, some will stick around for longer than others, depending on the project and its objectives. Regardless of the lifespan, pop-up displays always appear in the same places – in a store, at a mall, exhibition or event – where footfall is typically high.

As for types of pop-up displays, the opportunities are limitless. Perhaps you want to create a display for social media purposes, where customers can take selfies and spread the word about your brand using hashtags. Or a serving window to dish up edible delights themed around your brand. Maybe it’s a space for consumers to sit and immerse themselves in your brand colours. Anything that helps cement your brand in their brain!  

You’ll also want to consider the right materials to use for your pop-up shop displays. All have their benefits and lend themselves to different types of pop-up display:  

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Immersive, Impressive, Inclusive Pop-Up Displays 

Whatever material you use, your pop-up shop display must be immersive, impressive and inclusive. 

Immersive is what underlines this type of marketing. Remember, you need to live up to the “pop-up experience.” So, whatever you do with your pop-up display, make sure your audience of potential customers has the ability to engage physically as they get to know you. 

You won’t get the footfall if your pop-up experience doesn’t impress. Go for a stand-out display produced to the highest quality if you want to turn heads (and beckon feet!).

Be as inclusive as possible. Sure, you won’t appeal to all demographics – which products do? Yet you need to capture the imagination of your key target market and involve as much of that market as possible while they’re in front of you. Pop up and pack a punch! 

Pop-Up Displays in Action! 

All ready to pop-up? Here are five of our favourite pop-up shop display ideas from recent times to give you some final inspiration.

Be proud – go LOUD! 

As we’ve mentioned, the pop-up display is all about pulling in a crowd and gaining maximum engagement as consumers visit your stand. An eye-catching design is a must; colour alone can lift your pop-up to lofty heights! 

Well-known brands are often recognised by their colour pallete, which makes for easy pickings when it comes to choosing what colours to use for your pop-up shop displays. See what leading skincare brand Clinique achieved with The Make Haus and their beautifully pink pop-up store in Sydney, which welcomed hundreds of influencers and consumers to try their best-selling moisturiser. Seventy sheets of pink-printed Re-board® sure made a statement in downtown Sydney! 

Of course, brand colours are not compulsory, and your project may well warrant something different – printed images of people or places, for example. Whatever you decide, use a high-quality large format printer to give your pop-up display printing the premium finish it deserves.

Plain pop-ups 

No printing? No problem! Often, a pop-up display says a whole lot more when it’s left unprinted.  

Some brands opt for plain pop-up shop displays to allow their product to stand out from the background. Others choose not to print for environmental reasons, reducing the ink and electricity consumed through the large format printing process.   

Volvo Car

If you do go plain on your pop-up shop display, balance it out by going bold on your engagement.  Give your consumer a reason to stick around and immerse themselves in your world.

You can see some examples here of how white works well in the display world. 

Think outside the box 

While it’s relatively easy to stick with a traditional table-type stand for consumer events, a pop-up display can speak volumes to its audience when incorporating shapes. 

By recreating objects or places using shapes – a giant-sized version of your product, a tree-lined wintery forest, a shark-infested underwater world – you can create a truly immersive space people find too hard to ignore as they wander by. Catch their eye, and consumers are more likely to engage, as was the case with this ocean-themed pop-up created to keep children entertained in shopping malls during the school holidays. Crafting a great pop-up experience is challenging but when done right, it can produce the results you want.

Re-board® Pop-up Displays is exceptional when it comes to shapes, simple to cut and contour to your (designers) heart’s content. Hardy and flexible, it’s the perfect material for shape-led pop-ups. And don’t forget you can print onto it too! 

Light up that pop-up! 

Vibrant pop up display printing is great and all but why not add an extra mile? Visual designers love lighting – and so do pop-up displays! Whether you’re using colours or keeping your display blank, there is nothing quite like lighting to set the tone and give your pop-up a lift.   

Depending on your materials, illuminating part of your pop-up display will create depth, which is particularly good for blank, non-printed activations. Or you may prefer to light up a product – placing it physically under the spotlight – to emphasise it while the rest of the display becomes background only.  

Light works incredibly well with shapes, too, casting shadows that give texture. See what Next partner, Nordwerk, achieved using only Re-board® and some creative lighting! 

Location is everything 

Because of their objective – to seek out and engage consumers in their brand – pop-ups tend to find themselves in malls, store entrances, and event rooms where footfall is high. No matter how good and exciting your pop shop display ideas are, if no one is there to see them, then what are they even for?

Before you create your pop-up experience, think about your available space. Is there room for consumers to wander? Do you want to showcase a product face-on, or is it better appreciated from multiple angles? Will visitors walk up, through or sit within your activation? Get a feel for the space first, and it will help guide your pop-up display design phase.

Remember, if you want to go off-piste and pop up somewhere slightly different to the usual spaces, you will need to go BIG on telling your audience where to find you. Footfall will always be high in a mall or store – not so much the case forty floors up in a CBD high-rise!  

There are thousands of pop-up shop display ideas – and lots of those begin right here at NEXT Printing!  

Our expert team helps visual directors, designers and marketers bring their pop-up display ideas to life in print. Using high-quality, durable materials like Re-board® our solutions meet the environmental objectives of our customers and pack a marketing punch for optimum engagement.  

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