RICE Expo with Reboard Technologies | Case Study

Pranil Chandra October 9, 2023

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RICE Expo with Reboard Technologies | Case Study

The Brief 

With leading brands from around the world attending The Retail Innovation Conference and Expo (RICE), Re-board Technologies, as a featured exhibitor, aimed to create a dynamic stand that showcased the full potential of re-board. As the global leader in all things Reboard, Next Printing was selected by Reboard Technologies in Sweden to design a stand that would captivate marketeers from renowned global brands like Nike, Amazon, Puma, Coach, and Google.

The brief from Reboard Technologies was simple: Next Printing had to design a structure that sat comfortably within a six by six metre footprint, made entirely from Reboard. The purpose, to demonstrate Reboards strength with self-supporting structures, walkthrough arches, cantilevered beams and enclosed spaces. Additionally, the stand required a “lighthouse” moment to sit above the sight lines of the surrounding stands and draw customers in. This was achieved with a substantial structure balanced atop the main structure to showcase Reboard’s weight-bearing capabilities.

Top View

The Result

The final result was truly impressive. From small stackable cubes on the floor (strong enough to be stood on), a POP stand, bar area, to large self-supporting structures made completely from Reboard, the stand featured walkthrough arches and Reboard-made beams that resembled timber. The showstopper was an enormous two by three metre cube, weighing 160 kilograms, constructed entirely from Reboard and placed on top of the base walk-through Reboard structure. This highlighted its remarkable ability to bear extreme weight for extended periods.

Eye Level View

The Takeaways

The end solution was a resounding success. Re-board took centre stage, and Reboard Technologies secured a long-term partner for future Reboard production in the North American region. Moreover, every single sheet of Reboard used, amounting to over 112 sheets (1600×2200), was recycled through the normal waste paper stream, leaving nothing to go to landfill. 

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