Benefit: Box o’Powder Launch with Smee | Case Study

Pranil Chandra October 11, 2022

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Benefit: Box o’Powder Launch with Smee | Case Study

The Brief

Benefit Australia took over an exclusive private residence in Sydney to launch their new 11x Box O’Powders. Next Printing were engaged to help bring With Smee’s ideas to life by creating a Wanderlust world that showcased all the powders in a fantastical world of colour and good vibes across multiple mini experiences

The Solution

Next Printing worked closely with Katie from the With Smee design team to create several display solutions that could fit into different physical spaces, whilst also fitting within budget. We naturally recommended Re-board® as it allows for bespoke elements to be designed and produced quickly – as is always required in the fast-moving world of events and activations.

The Execution

Working within the requirements of ‘functionality’ and a ‘beauty-salon experience’ in an outdoor environment. Reboard structures were built by Next to incorporate shelves, mirrors & beautifully printed freestanding curved & straight backdrops that complimented the other components utilised in the launch (furniture, flowers & props) and provided lots of stunning photo opportunities.

We produced five displays, including a curved wall in seven working days, including bump in and bump out. All this, while significantly reducing carbon footprint by migrating away from the harmful effects of MDF and Plywood. Click Here to better understand the harmful impact of MDF and Plywood compared to Re-Board®

Box o’Powder Launch
Box o’Powder Launch
Box o’Powder Launch
Box o’Powder Launch
Box o’Powder Launch
Box o’Powder Launch

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